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Deportation Factory: Convention Against Torture Motion

A legal brief explaining one man's fear of returning to Mexico



The Holy Grail of immigration law has long been held to be a brief that would open the floodgates to Mexicans seeking asylum in the United States. In the wake of the five years of President Felipe Calderon's "war on drugs," the daily headlines of murders, violence and human-rights violations in Mexico have illustrated with disturbing clarity how violence has apparently seeped through the governmental and law-enforcement structures of Mexico as drug cartels have gained increasing hold on the country's affairs.

Attorneys Ishola-Tarin prepared the following brief to support a former LDS bishop's claim in immigration court that he was afraid for his life if he was deported to Mexico. Attorney Aaron Tarin then filed the following convention against torture motion (CAT) explaining why his client is so afraid of returning to his native Mexico.