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Your friendly neighborhood bar



Whenever I get shnockered in a bar like Dick N’ Dixies (479 E. 300 South), it always makes me wish I lived downtown. I would probably walk or Razor Scooter myself to this bar immediately after work, because this friendly corner spot is always packed with an eclectic crowd and good drinks, no matter if it’s the weekend or a weekday. It’s been almost two years since owners Will Bourne and Kirsten Fowler took over and refurbished what was once Andy’s Place, and with the $4 Dickel whiskey shots (served in a Dixie cup), the $3 domestic tallboys or the jukebox that plays everything from Sonic Youth to DJ Shadow, the loyal, nightly drinkers love their neighborhood dive bar.


Odds of having a YOLO tattoo: 5 to 1
Anthony Anderson, Nikki Stanford


You put yo hand up on my hip.
Jenn Lane, Britnee Gilbert, Diana Cuadrado


I make the same face whenever I hear “Wonderwall.”
Ozro Hamblin, Lawrence Lebeau


Dixie & Dick
Cedes Kim, Hunter Wagstaff

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