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Dining Guide 2006: Tray Chic

Everything Food & Drink, Served Up Hot!



Not like you need to be told to eat'we’re more concerned about the where and why. If you’re stuck in an all-too-comfortable rotation of a handful of restaurants (especially ones that require shouting out your car window at a 3-inch speaker or making laps around squealing children to refill a plastic tray), we’re here to help.


In this installment of City Weekly’s annual Dining Guide, we’ll chew on five hot new local eateries, the elusive wine/food connection and the art of cocktail hour, and we’ll also ask foodie-untrained CW staffers to dish on their favorite Utah joints. We’ll look at the rigors of launching a new restaurant. You’ll even find some Dining Issue extras here online, and also at MySpace.com/CityWeekly.


Save room for dessert, because then it’s on to our ridiculously comprehensive restaurant listings (all 1,200 of ’em) and'here’s one of those online bonuses'everything you ever wanted to know about Dutch-oven cooking, straight from Chef Saltas himself … who happens to be Greek. Best not question it.


Luckily for you, he won’t be competing in City Weekly’s Dutch Oven Cook-Off contest, which just happens to coincide with this Dining Issue at the Pioneer Park Farmer’s Market on Saturday, Oct. 14, with judging commencing ’round noon. It’s the Iron Chef'with real iron.


So what are you waiting for? Dig in!


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tttDivining Wine Lists
tttWill Write for Sushi
tttMix It Up
Gone Dutch


Contributing Foodies: Ryan Bradford, Brandon Burt, Stephen Dark, Bill Frost, Ben Fulton, Jamie Gadette, Susan Kruithof, Ted McDonough, Piper Reid, John Saltas, Ted Scheffler, Haigen Pearson, John Taylor and Jerre Wroble.