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Dining Guide 2007

Yum’s the Word: City Weekly makes your dining experience a piece of cake!



Salt Lake City Restaurant Listings

Each morning as I sail down the 600 South off-ramp into the heart of downtown, I see a billboard that reads “Iggy’s? … Or What’s for Dinner?”

It’s a good ad—for Iggy’s or anyone else. Because, and I’m drawing on personal experience here, it’s the nagging question, “What’s for dinner?” that forces about 96.7 percent of us to eat out. Sure, a special birthday, anniversary or big promotion at work may send you out for a night on the town. But, typically, we all have a few favorite locations on our dining GPS—places to land when we can’t possibly imagine whipping up another meal at home.

This year’s Dining Guide reacquaints you with your favorite little haunts but introduces you to plenty of new restaurants, as well. Utah’s dining landscape is hardly a Xeriscape. It’s blooming with more and more ethnic spots, vegetarian choices and places ranging in price from $1 home-style tacos to meals that might nibble at the edges of your 401(k).

We’ve gone zany for pastries this year. The cover photo features adorable chef Sven Neergaard from Scandia Kaffee House on 900 East. Inside, Stephen Dark introduces you to multitalented pastry chef Martin Perham.

Dining critic Ted Scheffler lists five newcomers to watch and takes you behind the scenes at Uintah’s Beehive Cheese, where perfect chemistry and proper aging result in nothing short of cheese-as-art.

Ted McDonough rates the outdoor taco stands; Jamie Gadette shows you how to hold your own as a vegetarian among the brawniest of meat eaters. Kate Pappas looks at an issue all diners wonder about: cursed locations.

Eating is as American as, well, apple pie. So, go ahead—check out our nearly 1,000 restaurant listings and then ... eat something!

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