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Dining Guide 2011

The tops and the Chopped



Much of what we do here at City Weekly is simply pointing out the things that make Salt Lake City and its surrounding communities great, whether it’s showcasing a new visionary in the art world, a forward-thinking politician or a musician with serious potential.

It’s no different with the Utah food scene, and we all know that a perfect meal is perhaps the greatest community-builder we can ask for, giving people a reason to gather, to talk, to think about the things important to them and to our common stomping grounds here in Zion.

You will find something different with this year’s City Weekly Dining Guide, though. In fact, you’ll find several new things. Our main food man, Ted Scheffler, takes us on an A-to-Z trip through 26 amazing Utah restaurant dishes, one for each letter of the alphabet. Ted also creates a fantasy meal of epic proportions, putting together his favorite dishes from Utah restaurants into one grand epicurean experience. We also take a look at some of Utah’s most visually stimulating dining spots, and host five Utah chefs showcasing their skills for “SLC Chopped,” an homage to the Food Network’s hit show.

Sit back, and prepare to be tantalized. We recommend reading this year’s Dining Guide on an empty stomach.