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Dining Guide 2013



Every year around this time, people begin to have a more … complicated relationship with food. From massive holiday meals to the ubiquitous sweets around the office, from needing to grab a quick lunch while Christmas shopping to finding a place to take visiting relatives, our meals become loaded with extra pressures—enough so that by Jan. 1, we’re ready to make promises to change everything we’ve been doing.

City Weekly’s Dining Guide offers you a different option: Make those changes in the way you eat right now. Instead of that fast-food burger on the go for lunch, why not try the delicious fare offered by local food trucks? Or, impress the family with something different for Thanksgiving dinner. Shake yourself from routines by trying one of Utah’s newer great restaurants, chosen by food critic Ted Scheffler, or think outside the lunchbox by visiting multiple eateries to create a mouth-watering meal.

With several weeks to go before the new year, our resolution is to point you and your taste buds to a holiday season—and a 2014—full of amazing dining possibilities.

Scott Renshaw
A&E Editor