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Dining Guide Listings

A Bite of Life



Food is unique in that it hits almost every spot on the target of humandesires. It comprises both our needs and our crucial necessities. Food is anatural need, our most basic need. And since it¹s so basic, why not adorn itwith all manner of ostentatious display? Mix up your usual dining fare witha bit of flair, and you¹re killing two appetites with one meal, so to speak.City Weekly offers this, our annual dining guide, as a practical means tomany dining ends. We all fall into ruts now and then. Ruts of dress, work,driving routes and entertainment. Most susceptible of all these is the rutof taste. All of them dull the senses. But since all must eat, why not eatwith taste in mind?

Let City Weekly¹s annual dining guide of restaurant listings stand as aready guide to all that tastes good in Salt Lake City, whether it¹s Mexican,Asian, Italian or even Mideast food that you crave. Keep it ready by thephone, and not far from your weekend planner. Let it remind you that there¹smuch more to Utah than funeral potatoes and Jell-O salads.

Even if you find that it contains all you¹ve encountered before in Utah¹svast landscape of dining adventures (something we highly doubt), then skipahead to our full menu of Dining Issue features. Each was lovingly preparedusing only the freshest ingredients, and with your dining and culinaryappetite fully in mind. No reservations are necessary. Enjoy!


Bakeries & Desserts

BAKERS DE NORMANDIE French-style on-premise baking. Fresh croissants, cakes, breads and cookies. Voted Best of Utah. Try the favorite, Chocolate Rhapsody Cake, with a cup of coffee. 2075 S. 700 East, 484-1251. mdfk

BAKERY, THE One-of-a-kind cakes and treats like the “porcupine,” plus soup in a bread bowl, fresh quiches and salads. Fresh-baked bread is a given. Outdoor seating available. 250 S. 300 East, 328-3330. lbdf

BANBURY CROSS Good coffee and great donuts, including their famous Cinnamon Crumb. Outdoor seating available. You can also take home a box of your favorites, or ask for an assortment. 705 S. 700 East, 537-1433. mabef

CARLUCCI’S BAKERY Named for the owner’s grandmother, this family-run downtown bakery offers fabulous pastries and great sandwiches in a customer assessed “cozy and hip” atmosphere. 314 W. 300 South, 366-4484. mbdef

COLD STONE “If you can dream it, they Ice Cream it.” Fresh ice cream, homemade waffle cones, brownies and other goodies all folded together before your eyes. 273 W. 500 South, 294-2750. madf

GREAT HARVEST BREAD COMPANY Noted for on-site milling and breads made from scratch. Try the healthful honey whole-wheat loaf. They give you a free bread slice when you come in, and you can butter it. 905 E. 900 South, 328-2323. mfk

HUMPHREY YOUGART A healthy alternative to ice cream, schweethaart. Make your own yogurt, add fresh fruit with no preservatives, or sample sugar or dairy-free ice cream. Also serves smoothies with boosters. 175 S. Rio Grande, 456-0050. ladf

JAMBA JUICE Features vegetable as well as fruit juices. Offers more than 30 to choose from. Or customize your own, with boosters from wild oat bran and ginseng to Fat Burner. 915 E. 900 South, 322-2537.labdk

LION HOUSE PANTRY Open daily for lunch and for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. This is bread to die for, along with dishes like chicken fettucini, catfish, and prime rib. 63 E. South Temple, 363-5466. mef

MAGGIE MOO’S ICE CREAM Forty flavors of thick, heavy ice cream made right on-site. Try a “Maggie Moo,” any flavor of ice cream with fruits, cookies and other treats mixed in. 1135 E. Wilmington Ave., 412-0222. nadf

MRS. BACKER’S PASTRY SHOP The most delicious cookies, breads and cakes are available here. Try the Danish and other breakfast pastries and you won’t be able to quit craving them. 434 E. South Temple, 532-2022. l

PIERRE’S COUNTRY BAKERY They have baguettes, sourdough, focaccia and a lot of breads. They also serve pastries like croissants, turnovers and scones as well as soups, sandwiches, and quiche. 6970 S. Highland Dr., 944-3833. 3239 E. 3300 South, 486-0900. mdf

VOSEN’S BREAD PARADISE Finest German bread and pretzels as well as assorted top-quality Danish. If you want really good baked goods, you have to come here. Warning: You will be hooked. 249 W. 200 South, 322-2424. nd

American & Brewpubs

AGE OF AQUARIUS Four pool tables, foozball and a kickback atmosphere. Casual menu with fish & chips, hot wings, jalapeno pepper puffs, mozzarella sticks, hamburgers and chicken fingers with fries. 870 S. Main, 532-9073. lfghij

APOLLO BURGER Try the Apollo Burger with a side of onion rings at this popular burger joint. They also have steak sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, salads, burritos and shakes. 1625 W. North Temple, 595-1277. mdf

B&D BURGERS Known for creamy milk shakes from banana and strawberry flavors to butterscotch and Oreo cookies. Also has tasty burgers and zucchini fries for a nice change from taters. 222 S. 1300 East, 582-7200. labdg

BATTERS UP CLUB A neighborhood sports bar that features pool tables, karaoke on Saturdays, lots of televisions featuring all the big games and special weekly events. Open Sunday. 1717 S. Main, 467-9436. nafghij

BAYOU Over 150 beers by the bottle. Regional American food with a spicy twist, featuring Cajun, Spicy Italian, and Southwest dishes. Try the Bayou Pasta w/ homemade Cajun fettuccine in a creamy Alfredo sauce. 645 S. State St., 961-8400. nfghij

BOURBON STREET BAR & GRILL They claim the best fries and burgers in town. Well, it’s at least worth checking to see if it’s true. Also serves roast beef, BLT’s, tuna, fish sandwiches, and French dips. 372 S. State, 521-8358. mafghij

BREWVIES A cinema with microbrew beers and food that beats stale popcorn and hot dogs. Settle in a comfy seat and enjoy a Cajun chicken sandwich and Squatter’s Full Suspension Ale. 677 S. 200 West, 355-5500. nabdefg

CAROL’S COVE II Cozy atmosphere, with beer, a good wine list, pool, and music from the jukebox. In addition to the bar munchies, they now have a buffet for lunch and dinner. 3319 S. State, 466-9529. lghi

CHEERS TO YOU Locals crave the best French dips at this kick-back neighborhood bar. Serves enormous sandwiches, like the meatball, and you can make your own. Also serves daily soups. 315 S. Main, 575-6400. ladfghij

CHUCK-A-RAMA This gigantic buffet features two salad bars, three hot food bars, a soup and fresh bakery and a dessert bar. Come on Seafood Day, Mexican Day, or Chuck-a-Wagon day. 744 E. 400 South, 531-1123. 212 S. 500 West, 295-1127. ma

CROWN BURGERS Excellent fries and the monstrous beef and pastrami help make Crown Burgers a local favorite. Also serves gyros, burritos and fish. Voted Best of Utah. 377 E. 200 South, 532-1155. 118 N. 300 West, 532-5300. mdfk

DEAD GOAT SALOON Lunch specials for $5. Try the Blues Burger jalapeno cheeseburger or the world-famous Goatburger, and stick around for some of the best live music in town in the evenings. 119 S. West Temple, 328-4628. mafghij

DUFFY’S TAVERN Try this good ol’ bar food—you’ll love it. Serves sandwiches, chicken wings, pizza. Everybody loves the nachos. Take out available. Open Sunday. 932 S. Main, 355-6401. madfghi

FATS GRILL & POOL Salads, sandwiches, paninis and pizza ( not to mention Fats’ famous potato salad). Nine, count ‘em, nine, clean pool tables and a big-screen TV to take in the games. 2182 S. Highland Dr., 484-9467. mbdfg

HIRES DRIVE-IN Truly an American retro experience. Real carhops deliver the famous Big H burger and a cherry Coke, just like in “American Graffiti.” 425 S. 700 East, 364-4582. mf

HOOK & LADDER CO A date on the fly? Pick up a bouquet next-door after you munch on fish and chips. Owner must be great after 30 years in the floral and fast-food business. 1313 W. California Ave., 972-2336. lbdf

IGGY’S SPORTS GRILL The ultimate Salt Lake City sports bar scores a touchdown with tasty items like beer-steamed shrimp, the Big Kahuna fish sandwich and Iggy’s All-Star Burger, with some crimson ale. 677 S. 200 West, 532-9999. madfghi

KRISTAUF’S 32 designer martinis, the knock-outs being the Lady Godiva, with vodka, creme de cacao, kalhua, and cream, and the Loose Goose, with top-shelf Grey Goose. 16 W Market St., 366-9490. mghij

MANNY’S A beer bar with hearty foods, like the chili-cheeseburgers and garlic steak. So if you’re a carnivore with a hankering for brew, this is your place. Open Sunday. 2105 S. Main, 466-0341. mai

MIXED EMOTIONS Now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. American food with great daily specials. Stop by Friday for steak night. A private club for members. 1030 S. State, 355-8055. mgij

MURPHY’S BAR & GRILL At Murphy’s (a step down in social clubs) “every day is a special day,” says Manager Lance. Try the proclaimed “World-famous” fish and chips. 160 S. Main, 359-7271. ladfghi

O’SHUCKS BAR & GRILL O’Shucks still provides all the fresh peanuts you can eat. But now at the SLC location you can also enjoy fresh sushi from Ahh Sushi (next door) without ever leaving your bar stool. 22 E. 100 South, 596-8600. mafghij

PALOOKA GRILLE Married, harried, and serving up weekday lunches, Palooka owners meet out burgers, chicken, and pasta dishes in an eclectic, ‘30s looking atmosphere. 508 E. South Temple, 363-8880. lcdf

PASSAGES A contemporary restaurant serving upscale American cuisine with a Southwestern flair at the Inn at Temple Square. The Saguaro Burger is sensational. 71 W. South Temple, 536-7200. mf

POPLAR PUB Appetizers, soups and sandwiches at Left Bank Art Gallery. Nosh on nachos in front of the big screen TV, and wash it down with a microbrew. 242 S. 200 West, 363-1819. mafg

PORT O’ CALL Specialists in pleasing just about everybody’s palate with great burgers, sandwiches and daily fish specials. Stop in for the 99-cent spaghetti dinner on Monday nights. 400 S. West Temple, 521-0589. nadfghk

PUB’S DESERT EDGE BREWERY This spacious, comfortable brewpub is the ideal place to settle in with a pint of Pub Pilsner or a Latter-Day Stout. Try the 1996 Gold Medal Happy Valley Hefeweizen. Trolley Square Mall, 521-8918. mabdfgh

RED ROCK BREWING CO. Lots of wood and brick in a strikingly designed brewpub. The beer is always great, as are the wood-fired oven pizza and rotisserie chicken. Voted Best of Utah. 254 S. 200 West, 521-7446. nadfghik

ROYAL EATERY One of Salt Lake City’s best-kept secrets, serving a wonderful pastrami burger. Features a full breakfast. Their Greek items are suvlaki and gyros. Open for breakfast and lunch. 379 S. Main, 532-4301. mdf

SCONECUTTER If there’s a traditional Utah cuisine, Sconecutter has it. Get a scone stuffed with your favorite fixings; you’ll be stuffed too. Also serves specialty breads and wraps. 2040 S. State, 485-9981. ladf

SKY BOX On the 2nd level of Gateway Plaza. American fare, great sports food and dining as well as complete electronic game room. 4 S Rio Grande Street, 456-1200. n

SOUP KITCHEN There’s nothing like a steamy bowl of homemade soup, especially when accompanied by free breadsticks. Healthy food at a good price. Try the sandwiches, too. 1185 S. Richards St., 531-7093. 2012 S. 1100 East, 467-0908. mdf

SQUATTERS Salt Lake City’s most dependable pub, year-in and year-out. Be sure to try the black-bean soup and enjoy garden seating in warm weather, or the cozy fireplace in cold. 147 W. 300 South, 363-2739. mafg

STONEGROUND PUB & RESTAURANT Serves pasta, sandwiches like the turkey cran-pesto, New York-style pizza and delicious pub-style appetizers. Play pool or enjoy a candlelight dinner. Parking in back. 249 E. 400 South, 364-1368. mg

T.G.I. FRIDAY’S Everyone Looks Forward to Friday’s. The menu includes the largest variety of American and international tastes—the beverage menu is even larger. Open late on Fridays and Saturdays. 1414 S. Foothill Dr., 582-7447. m

TODD’S BAR & GRILL Check out this place for an all-American breakfast beginning at 7 a.m., Monday-Friday. For lunch catch daily specials and cheeseburgers. The bar is open until 1 a.m. 1051 S. 300 West, 328-8650. mabdfg

TRAINING TABLE More burger varieties than you can shake a stick at, but the cheese fries are also a popular draw. Also serves sandwiches, like turkey or the club. Try ice cream for desert. 809 E. 400 South, 355-7523. madf

TROFI Not your standard hotel restaurant. The Hilton’s Trofi offers contemporary American cuisine in a contemporary setting. Chef Gerard Brunett’s buckwheat blini and beet tower are superb. 255 S. West Temple, 238-4877. nabfghi


CAFE AHN HONG Great Chinese cuisine. Some of the most popular dishes include the chicken and vegetables, kung pao chicken and the ginger lobster. Take out available. 1465 S. State, 486-1912. nadfgh

CANTON VILLAGE Good Chinese-American-Cantonese food and excellent curries. Especially recommended are the chicken dishes. Or try the cashew-shrimp with fried rice. 368 E. 100 South, 531-1111. 7035 S. Redwood Road, 569-2233. macdf

CHARLIE CHOW’S DRAGON GRILL Fine Chinese cuisine served in an attractive, contemporary setting in the heart of downtown. Be sure to sample the fresh, homemade Dim Sum, and entrees made to order. 255 E. 400 South, 328-3663. nacdefgh

CHINESE GOURMET This Chinese buffet’s food is prepared fresh throughout the day. The Mongolian stir-fry is especially popular for those who want it made to order. Catering available. 4425 S. State, 293-8190. maef

GOLDEN DRAGON Fine Cantonese and Mandarin cuisine. 1518 S. Main, 485-1010. ncef

GOLDEN PHOENIX Recognized as “One of the Top Chinese Restaurants” and rated “Excellent” by Zagat survey. Features the finest Cantonese cuisine, traditional Mandarin and Szechwan dishes. 1084 S. State, 539-1122. nadefghi

HO HO GOURMET Popular for years, this restaurant has spun off sister establishments too numerous to list. Traditional Chinese with a nice flair and price. Delivery available. 1504 S. State, 487-7700. macdfghi

HUNAN A cozy restaurant in downtown’s Arrow Press Square. Portions are large, so order accordingly, but don’t overlook the Dragon and Phoenix or the Beijing Duck. 165 S. West Temple, 531-6677. nacdfghi

JADE CAFE Pop in and try the amazing lemon chicken. 234 W. 900 South, 532-9388. mdf

KUONG JOU CAFE Delicious Chinese food served in a friendly atmosphere. They claim they serve everything. Spicy foods, fried rice, chow mein, egg rolls, and rice and vegetable plates. 1011 E. 2100 South, 466-0971. mdf

KWAN’S CHINESE RESTAURANT Criminally good sweet-and-sour chicken. Also serves chicken broccoli, chicken with vegetable, wonton soup and egg rolls. Catering available. 139 E. South Temple, 596-2398. mdef

LITTLE WORLD Serves authentic Chinatown-style cuisine. Favorites include steamed clams in black-bean sauce, Peking duck and wonderful sauteed shrimp and scallops. 1350 S. State, 467-5213. madf

MANDARIN RESTAURANT One of SLC’s finest Chinese restaurants located in Bountiful! San Francisco-trained chefs prepare Mandarin and Szechwan specials that can’t be beat. 348 E. 900 North, 298-2406. ndfghk

NEW SOUTH SEAS Some of the lowest prices in town for staples like sweet-and-sour pork and chow mein. The fish and chips feature real halibut. Delivery. 23 E. 2100 South, 466-9352. macdf

P.F. CHANG’S CHINA BISTRO A unique combination of traditional Chinese cuisine and American hospitality in a contemporary bistro setting. A private club. Outdoor seating and take out available. 174 W. 300 South, 539-0500. mabdfghj

PANDA BUFFET All you can eat and drink. 100 choices of Mandarin, Szechuan and Cantonese cuisines. Nightly crab legs, seafood, plus Mongolian stir-fry barbecue. 1025 W. North Temple, 328-3288. maf

PANDA RESTAURANT This all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ restaurant allows you to choose your own meat, vegetables and spices, then sit back and watch the chef stir-fry your creation. 1701 S. State, 485-3226. madfg

SAMPAN A deceptive little Chinese restaurant stuck in the middle of a strip mall, but don’t let the location fool you: The food is quite tasty. Try the strawberry chicken in season. 675 E. 2100 South, 467-3663. macdefgk

SPRING GARDEN Cozy, informal and family-friendly setting. Customers favor their sesame chicken and pork with garlic sauce. Menu includes vegetarian selections. 3947 S. Wasatch Blvd., 277-2928. ldf

XIAO LI Some of the best Chinese food in the Beehive State, in a tasteful and elegant setting. Try the Szechwan spicy shrimp and scallops or classics like orange flavored beef and mu-shu pork. 307 W. 200 South, 328-8688. n

Coffee & Bagels

ANGLES Coffee, pastries and a cool art gallery for your viewing pleasure. Live music Mondays; after bar parties Friday & Saturday. 511 W/ 200 S., 961-8218. ldf

BAGELRY Serving 11 different kinds of freshly baked bagels, with 11 different varieties of cream cheese. Try the hot and cold sandwiches and specialty espresso drinks. 905 E. 400 South, 355-9111. ldf

BARNES & NOBLE CAFE Starbucks coffees, fresh-baked desserts and a variety of teas make the perfect accompaniment to fine literature in this chain bookseller. Features children’s story hour. 1104 E. 2100 South, 463-2610. ladf

BEANS & BREWS Espresso, cappuccino and specialty drinks are in abundance here, as are whole-roasted Java beans to take home. Hungry? Grab a muffin, pastry or bagel to go with your cup of Joe. 906 S. 500 East, 521-5221. mabf

BLUE IGUANA EXPRESS-O A Mexican coffee house open - 24 that’s right, 24 - hours a day. Drop by for a Mexi Mocha and an order of Huevos Rancheros. Also serves great enchiladas. 165 S. West Temple, 322-4796. mad

CAFE EXPRESSO In a big hurry and need caffeine? Drive through Cafe Expresso for fast gourmet coffee and espresso coffee drinks, pastries and biscotti. Also serves Granitas and other cold drinks. 902 S. 1100 East, 322-2077. Crossroads Plaza, 355-6589. ma

CITY MARKET PLACE DELI The tuna sandwiches are delectable, according to Market Place customers. Serves lunches with turkey made fresh every day. Also features daily soups from scratch. 46 W. Broadway, 355-0100. mdf

COFFEE DIRECT No surprises here. Good, fast coffee and espresso with goodies to go. Enjoy with your coffee cookies, donuts, muffins, breakfast bars and friendly service. 50 S. Main (Crossroads Plaza), 363-1122. lad

COFFEE GARDEN The first cafe to introduce Seattle-style coffees to town, they emphasize high-end espresso, delectable pastries and desserts. A great place to people watch. 898 S. 900 East, 355-3425. laf

CUP OF JOE Cup of Joe brags about blending its own coffees. When you’re on the West Side, this is the place to chill with Italian-style sandwiches and soups. 353 W. 200 South, 363-8322. laf

DAILY GRIND Now serving espresso, pastries and bon vivant cakes (including their specialty Kahlua cheesecake) in the charm of a converted gas station. Outside seating available. 1675 E. 1300 South, 583-9080. mabd

DRIP BY DRIP A creative coffee house with a complete selection of caffeinated treats. Serves daily coffee specials like the “Ladyfinger Latte,” made with a touch of tiramisu. 2006 S. 900 East, 466-8653. mad

EINSTEIN BROS. BAGELS Steam-and-bake bagels in a warm and friendly collegial ambiance. The sun-dried tomato bagels are great, and so is the fresh-squeezed orange juice. 481 E. S. Temple, 322-0803. 240 S. 1300 East, 583-1757. labdef

GLOBE BY MOONLIGHT When the sun goes down, the Globe Cafe morphs into a high-end, eclectic restaurant specializing in bold, adventurous cuisine. Chef Adam Kreisel is one of the shining new stars on the SLC dining scene. 264 S. Main St., 321-0160. ofghi

GROUNDS FOR COFFEE Full-on coffee houses with a great assortment of whole-bean coffees, teas and specialty drinks. For a change of pace, try the Kiss of Flavor cocoas and teas. 26 W. 2100 South, 466-0500. 1615 S. Foothill Dr., 582-5617. ladf

JAVA JO’S Drive-through and walk-up java for the coffee achiever on the go. Voted Best Iced Mocha in annual Best of Utah. Soy milk available too. E Street & First Ave., 532-2899. md

JITTERBUG COFFEE HOP An innovative alternative to java shacks and corporate coffee shops. Espresso-based beverages, Italian sodas, fruit shakes and coffee so fresh it should be slapped. 1855 S. 700 East, 487-8100. mf

MAIN STREET COFFEE Serving Salt Lake Roasting Co. Coffee right near the TRAX stop with tasty pastries and desserts to boot. Open late for that boost before surveying the night life. 149 S. Main, 532-5201. l

MILLCREEK COFFEE & BAGEL CO. If you prefer the original chewy bagel (and you should) then don’t leave this bagel haven off your list. Delicious sandwiches and the best locally roasted coffee to boot. 1045 E. 2100 South, 485-3333. 1045 E. 2100 South, 485-3333. ladfk

MILLCREEK COFFEE ROASTERS When you want locally roasted coffee from around the globe, nobody beats Millcreek. They also offer lattes and other specialty drinks, and outdoor seating. 1045 E. 2100 South, 486-9870. 657 S. Main, 595-8646. 613 E. 400 South, 533-2809. lbdfk

SALT LAKE COFFEE BREAK Quickly becoming the preferred hangout for internationals, this coffee shop is a great place for lunch or late-night snacks (especially if you’re in a pastry mood). 430 E. 400 South, 355-4244. l

SALT LAKE ROASTING CO. A coffee mecca for the entire valley, this is the premier venue for fresh-roasted imported coffee and espresso. Or try one of their fresh, daily-made fruit cakes. 320 E. 400 South, 363-7572. mdf

SCANDIA KAFFE HOUSE A Scandinavian coffee house with fabulous pastries. Try their show-stopping marzipan cake, with one of the variety of coffees from their espresso bar. Catering available. 1693 S. 900 East, 467-0051. mdef

SQUIRREL BROS. All of your favorite espresso drinks, with a drive-thru window open at 6 a.m. Gourmet sandwiches and soups, as well as the good old Snelgrove ice cream. 605 E. 400 South, 359-4207. ldf

STONEWALL COFFEE CO. Proceeds benefit the Center programs and services. Try their great sandwiches on the rye bread, especially. They will also cater if you ask them. Open Sunday. 361 N. 300 West, 539-8800. labdef

URBAN GRIND Get the ultimate java rush without touching the ground! Salt Lake’s newest downtown drive-thru brews up an excellent cup of coffee, as well as teas and luscious muffins. 435 S. 400 West, 364-2699. l

WIRED ESPRESSO BAR Get wired, and while you’re sipping your espresso, cappuccino, latte or mocha, you can thumb through the latest issue of City Weekly. Open Sunday. Serves lunch 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 400 W. North Temple, 359-6666. ladf

Delis & Cafes

AIRWAVES Fresh-brewed coffees, chai teas, Italian sodas and smoothies, plus sandwiches, deserts, muffins and bagels. Try the daily soup or an Italian soda with berry, amaretto, or almond flavor. 515 S. 700 East, 519-7864. md

ANNA’S CAFE Greek and American food with an all around good menu. Serves steak, various kinds of chicken, shrimp, crab mushroom, salads and a vegetarian dish of rice and vegetables. 230 W. 600 South, 596-3303. maf

APPLE SPICE JUNCTION This deli and bakery is worth walking in just to smell the fresh bread baking each morning. Also offers sandwiches and a variety of pastries. Also provides catering. 630 S. West Temple, 359-8821. mcdef

BEN’S CAFE According to Ben, “everything is good here,” and we must agree with him. Some Chinese dishes mixed with American cafe food. Try the chicken chow mein, or the clam chowder. 10 E. Exchange Place, 322-1406. md

BIG CITY SOUP Soup’s on. Try the cup, the pint or to go! Features daily soups, like Manhattan clam chowder or tomato basil in the historic warehouse district of downtown Salt Lake City. 235 S. 400 West, 333-7687. md

BIG ED’S A haven for the university community, with great homemade chili. The BLT tastes grand after an all-nighter. Features a great breakfast and lunch menu. 210 S. University St., 582-9045. mdg

BORDERS CAFE No food in the library, mwahhahaha! Get away from crotchity old ladies and curl up with a book and cup of coffee. No one will hiss “shhh!” at you. 50 S. Main, 355-6899. m

BOSTON DELI In the basement of the venerable Boston Building, the Boston Deli offers daily sandwich specials, salad and soups Also breakfast items and Salt Lake Roasting Company coffee. 9 E. Exchange Place, 355-2146. mcdefk

CAFE SHA SHA Cafe Sha Sha’s stunning, hand-painted interior and lively music make the homemade pastry and dessert even better. Also features a full-service gourmet coffee bar. 175 E. 400 South, 322-4949. mbcdef

CAPUTO’S MARKET & DELI A large assortment of specialty items for the home cook. Check out the deli counter, where downtown celebs and regular folks line up for fresh sandwiches, pastas and soups. 308 W. 300 South, 531-8669. mabdef

CHARLOTTE’S COUNTRY HOME BAKER They do chicken right. Truly. A unique, homey atmosphere with meats prepared to order, as well as a vegetarian menu. Catering and take-out available. 10994 S. Redwood Rd., 254-4315. ldef

CUCINA Try a sandwich on Cucina’s delectable olive-rosemary bread, but don’t pass the wildly popular pumpkin leek soup at this Avenues food oasis. Of course, dessert is a must. 1026 E. Second Ave., 322-3055. nabdef

CUTLER’S SANDWICHES Thirteen varieties of cookies, but don’t pass up the sandwiches, either. Got an urge to bake? Pick up some of Cutler’s fresh cookie dough to take home. 120 W. 500 South, 298-2253. mdef

DAVID CHASE CAFE Fresh selections from Asia and the Mediterranean. Vegetarian options available. They feature a daily early-bird lunch special until noon. Catering by appointment. 278 E. 900 South, 363-7182. nbcdef

ENCORE GRILL Serving both Greek and American style; open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Best gyro and souvlaki in town. Try the homemade soups. Banquet and meeting rooms are available. 2080 W. North Temple, 534-1996. nadf

GALLERY CAFE Offering a fresh alternative to fast food, Gallery Cafe serves salads, soup, pasta specials, healthy deli sandwiches and, of course, coffee. Open Monday-Friday 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. 1435 S. State, 463-0956. mcde

GANDOLFO’S A little corner of Brooklyn in the Beehive State. New York sports memorabilia to go with Dagwood Bumstead-style Philly steak sandwiches, Reubens, poorboys, heroes and subways. 158 S. Main, 322-DELI. mcdfk

GLOBE CAFE Good music, great food and friendly staff, and a lunchtime hot spot. Try the Po’ Boy sandwich or come in a little earlier for coffee and a fresh egg-and-cheese sandwich. 264 S. Main, 321-0160. mbcdf

GRANATO’S Supplying fresh pastas, cheeses, meats, olives and friendly service for more than four decades, Granato’s also constructs one of the best deli sandwiches this side of Little Italy. 1391 S. 300 West, 277-7700. mbcdef

GROVE MARKET & DELI A Salt Lake City tradition since 1947. This corner market specializes in fresh, top-quality sandwiches so huge you’ll bring your friends to help you finish lunch. 1906 S. Main, 467-8860. mbdfk

HARD ROCK CAFE Offers classic American food served in an upbeat atmosphere, with non-stop pulsating music and videos. Burgers, ribs, sandwiches, fajitas, soups, salads and more. 505 Trolley Square, 532-7625. nabdfghi

HOUSE OF BREAD & GOOD THINGS Everyone goes in for espresso, but you can’t pass up the specialty breads made from certified chemical-free wheat, sweet rolls, coffee cakes or real fruit pies. 1633 W. 700 North, 366-4705. lbdef

INTERNATIONAL PANTRY Deli food and goods with international zest, at a low price. Serves Greek, American and Mexican specials. Also serves delicious deserts like baklava. 5500 W. Amelia Earhart Dr., 359-8297. l

JONI’S DELI Serves great burgers deli sandwiches, philly cheese steaks, salads and soups. They’ve also added parking off Major Street. Open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. 52 E. 1700 South, 486-6687. l

JUDGE CAFE One of the most talked-about cafes in town attracts local public figures as well as everyone else. Try sandwiches, or some great breakfast items. 8 E. Broadway, 531-0917. mdf

JUHL HAUS MARKET & DELI Salt Lake City’s largest cheese selection with specialty foods and deli items, including fresh soups, sandwiches and salads. Boxed lunches, gift baskets and catering available. 1336 Foothill Dr., 582-7758. mbdef

KAREN JANE’S WINE BAR & CAFE An affordable indulgence. Dinner entrees include salad and choice of homemade pastry. Terrific sandwiches. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Wednesday through Sunday. 224 S. 1300 East, 581-0888. nabdfghi

KELCI’S KITCHEN Enjoy homemade soups, hot/cold sandwhiches, fresh salads, and a cup of Bad Ass Coffee out on a large patio. Great potato salad and coleslaw. Their motto is “Soups our way, sandwiches your way, salads always.” 791 E 300 South, 688-1405. mbdf

LEGER’S Just try to finish one of Leger’s sandwiches on a French roll. Create your own with the selection of meats and cheeses, or try the meat loaf on sourdough bread. 985 N. Redwood Road, 294-8186. 111 E. Broadway, 578-1752. mbdf

LENORE’S FINE ARTS CAFE Great Food with great art. Veggie sandwich with peppers on focaccia, seven layered chocolate cake, grilled Oriental chicken salad and much more! 418 S. Campus Dr., 583-0384. labde

MARC & ROMI’S DELI Fresh cinnamon rolls and bread every day—ah, what an aroma! Try delicious soups of the day, chili, salad bar and French bread pizzas. Come in or call an order to go. 20 W. 200 South, 328-4376. mcdf

MEDICAL TOWERS COFFEE SHOP Known as “George’s” by the locals who revel in the morning Roundhouse, a hash brown, sausage, bacon, ham, cheese and egg combo. Open 7 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 1060 E. 100 South, 355-2662. m

NEW YORK BURRITO Wraps made with any of six flavored tortillas. Try the Original New York Burrito with pastrami, seasoned beef and Spanish lime rice and green or mild red chili sauce. 273 W. 500 South, 295-6400. 14 W. 300 South, 220-0516. ndf

OLYMPIAN Greek/American fare. Includes favorites like Pasticio (Greek lasagna) for lunch and dinner. Try the marinated steak and eggs for breakfast. 4908 S. Redwood Road, 968-7728. 2181 S. 700 East, 487-1407. macdef

ON-A-ROLL DELI On-a-Roll Deli serves big sandwiches with lots of meat. Don’t forget to try the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or the Cajun chicken salad. Serves lunch Monday-Saturday. 1751 S. 1100 East, 483-2971. mdf

ORBIT A late night restaurant in the heart of the night club district. Classic sandwiches, brick hearth-baked pizzas and