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DJ Bell & Lohra Miller


Our readership is probably more diverse than any newspaper in the state, so we rarely receive a (nearly) singular response to news. But when we announced online that felony charges had been filed against the alleged attackers of DJ Bell and boyfriend Dan Fair [see “Charges Filed,”, March 2], nearly everyone seemed to explode with, “It’s about freakin’ time!”

“Justice may be slow at times, but is worth the wait,” wrote Jarett LaTour.

“Better late and complete than never and bleak,” added Kristine Wilenski.

“They should have been charged right off the bat!” wrote Jayme Clark.

Those comments sum up about 20 responses we got from Facebook followers. Cynics seemed to congregate on our own comments board.

“Looks like [District Attorney Lohra Miller] must be in a tough re-election race, and thinks to curry favor with the LGBT community by finally charging the perps, rather than the victims,” wrote Daddy Todd.

City Weekly took some heat, too, perhaps, for being too critical of Miller. “I wonder if the CW will give Lohra credit for doing something right,” wrote Adelain. To which BlackMamba replied, aptly, “She’s just doing her job at this point.” Keep reading for breaking news updates.