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Django Unchained, Save the Date

New DVD/VOD Tuesday, April 16


Django Unchained - ANCHOR BAY
  • Anchor Bay
  • Django Unchained

Django Unchained
A former slave (Jamie Foxx) and a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) kill every whitey in the South to a sweet soundtrack while looking cool as hell. Pretty much like every other Quentin Tarantino movie, just more semi-historical. (Anchor Bay)

Save the Date
Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) breaks up with her annoying fiancee on the eve of her sister’s (Alison Brie) wedding to his bandmate (Martin Starr). Lessons: Don’t date musicians, and Caplan and Brie should be together in all movies all the time. (IFC Films)

The Haunting in Connecticut 2
A good-lookin’ couple (Chad Michael Murray and Abigail Spencer) and their daughter move into a creepy countryside house nowhere near Connecticut, then slave ghosts and Katee Sackhoff show up and ruin everything. (Lionsgate)

Not Suitable for Children
When a happy-go-lucky young dude (True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten) learns that his sperm will be swimmer-less in a month, he needs to find a woman to impregnate pronto! He could just freeze some, but wackiness wouldn’t ensue. (Well Go USA)

State of Emergency
An explosion at a military bio-weapons plant causes most of the inhabitants of town to become flesh-eating zombies—which is the same plot as Zombie Strippers, the 2008 tour de force starring Jenna Jameson. Netflix that, instead. (Image)

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