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Do you have a cop experience you can share? Good or bad



Derek Jones: One time I was accosted by Mormon Church security guards for holding hands with the person I love … oh, wait—I think you all have heard about that already.

Julie Erickson: Yes. I thought the cop was protecting me; turns out, he was hiding evidence that could have ultimately helped me win my case.

Stephen Dark: Three days after I immigrated to this country, I was driving in Salt Lake City and committed a traffic violation. A cop got out of his car, listened to my story and, when I told him I was British—Blair and Bush were still allies back then—he said, “Good for you,” told me to take care of my family and waved me on—an odd but endearing introduction to Utah law enforcement.

Kathy Mueller: I have had more than my share of “church parking lot” encounters. Fooling around in the back seat … things were going really good, then the cops came and they got really bad.

Jesse Fruhwirth: Salt Lake City Police deserve props for their handling of the Temple Square Prop. 8 protest following the November election. Tensions were so high, but they were careful to keep things peaceful and protect free speech.

Jamie Gadette: My run-ins with the law have been limited to multiple traffic violations, most of which were completely absurd. My only lasting complaint, though, is those awful brights they cast on my car while taking 45 minutes to write a ticket. Seriously. Aren’t there more serious criminals to catch?

Ted Scheffler: In my experience, there is no such thing as a “good” cop encounter.