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Does Your Rep Have Your Back?


Derek Jones: My representative is Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, definitely not right for me, and definitely not right for Utah. Need I say more?

Rachel Scott: Since my representatives are not “homo- friendly,” I’d have to say no.

Nick Clark: I am living with the comfortable understanding that my representative plays it safe by representing the conservative majority.

Ted Scheffler: No, he’s got me by the balls.

Scott Renshaw: No, but considering the calls and mailings I’ve gotten asking for money, he certainly has my back pocket.

Dan Nailen: Hell, no! That would imply my rep wasn’t some EnergySolutions lackey who resides somewhere a couple counties away from me.

Josh Loftin: Absolutely. I’d take any of our delegation with me to a back-alley knife fight. They may not look intimidating, but nobody fights dirtier than a politician.

Jesse Fruhwirth: My back is up for a federal mineral lease auction soon, so I don’t know who’s got it.

Bryan Bale: Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, opposes any effort to give “all this new power to Washington bureaucrats to protect the environment,” including any cap and trade scheme, on the grounds that the “EPA regulations will kill jobs and devastate our economy.” I’m glad he’s clairvoyant enough to make these predictions, ‘cause I sure ain’t.

Julie Erickson: Of course he does ... with a big ol’ bulls eye right on it.

Jerre Wroble: Truthfully, none of our congressional delegates share my shaky grasp on reality. Maybe that’s to their credit. I guess I have to be thankful there are progressively-minded representatives from other states carrying Utah’s water.

Bill Frost: Are you familiar with the term “lower congress”? Look it up. That’s the portion of my back I believe they have.

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