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Donovan's & Bayleaf Cafe



Lia Pretorius: I’m not a steakhouse kind of girl, but I found myself at Donovan’s (134 W. Pierpont Ave, 801- 359-4464) last week, and I will actually go there again, on purpose, to have another slab of meat. From the minute we walked in, it was a class act all the way around. Service was top-notch and set the tone for a wonderful evening. One of our waiters recommended the sesame-seared Ahi tuna appetizer that could not have been cooked more perfectly, with a super-thin, delicious sesame crust lining a completely raw (but not cold) center. I had filet mignon and bacon-wrapped scallops. The scallops were good, but were a tad overcooked. However, my plump little filet was melt-in-your-mouth tender and full of flavor. My friend’s 24 ounce bone-in rib-eye monster was a perfect medium-rare and the scalloped potatoes with gruyere are just naughty. They compel you to throw caloric caution to the wind! So, by then, you may as well go for dessert, right? Silky, not-too-sweet chocolate mousse cake and cappuccino were a delightful ending to the meal. As a fan of food that keeps on giving, I was pleased to leave with top-notch leftovers. You know it’s a good steak when you nuke it the next day and it’s still delicious!

Leo Dirr: I must confess: I have an adobo addiction. OMG, adobo! It’s a delicious Filipino dish that it is so easy to get hooked on. But, alas, adobo is not super-duper easy to find in Salt Lake City. Go figure! I’m not saying it’s not here, I’m just saying it can be a little elusive. Well, there’s a new place right downtown near the City Weekly offices that serves tender, tasty chicken adobo over rice: Bayleaf Cafe (159 S. Main, 801-359-8490) OMG, adobo! Did I already say that? It’s more delicious than a dozen Hershey kisses! I love adobo!

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