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Don't Blame Valley Mental Health


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After reading the article “Mental Hell,” [May 20, City Weekly], I could not help but feel disgusted at the sisters, Lynda Krause and Carol Prewitt, and their attitude toward Valley Mental Health. I have lived in six different states, and I, too, have bipolar and borderline-personality disorder. Utah is the state that I have found to have the best mental care. Valley has saved my life.

I learned to work with my illness, not let it work me—as Prewitt is doing. Krause is blaming her sister’s problems on VMH, not on her sister’s drug use. There is more than enough help out there for Prewitt. Yes, it’s too bad that VMH has cut funding, but to put the all of the blame on an agency that has tried to do its best in these economic times is just disgusting.

Also, for Ms. Krause to say, “Valley set you up for failure,” is not what VMH is all about for those who really want to change their lives. Maybe Prewitt is not ready for those changes because of her continued drug use, and maybe Krause needs to understand that before she goes off on VMH.

Christine Lambert
Salt Lake City


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