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Don't Poke Holes in My Fun



What a pleasant surprise to read about my favorite pastime, ice fishing, in City Weekly [“Ice Spy,” March 7]. No politics, no injustices and no references to John Saltas’ hallowed Greek culture.

For a self-proclaimed novice, Katherine Pioli conveyed not only the solitude, but also the fine balance between excitement and relaxation when it’s just you, the elements and that 6-inch cylinder of water.

The package of perch fillets I’m dropping off will put those pan-fried trout of hers forever on the back burner. In addition, I make a standing offer for a free hard-water trip next winter, perhaps for white bass and bluegill at Utah Lake, or for jumbo perch at Echo or Starvation.

Afterward, she can write one of those big cover-story exposés on fishing through the ice, and then let the readers try to poke holes in it.