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Doubting Thomases


Self-proclaimed translator of the Book of Mormon’s sealed portion, Christopher Nemelka, has failed to persuade a cadre of former followers turned critics. [“Saving Souls,” March 17, City Weekly].

“The website is a tit for tat, on all that Chris Nemelka preaches,” wrote Chris Hansen. “Yes, I think he is forming a religion.”

“This whole thing is a textbook study of advanced narcissism to me,” wrote martin.

Julie L. Taggart posted to defend Nemelka’s political philosophy, stating Nemelka’s strategies are not more popular because powerful people “didn’t think of it first, or by implementing this plan it might derail their own charity, organization or church and they’d lose their income and stature.”

“It seems that everything is catching up with [Nemelka] and it’s probably about time,” wrote Not Impressed with CN. “I still find it odd that so many can believe him.”

In response to that, a doubter of an earlier prophet couldn’t help but point out a parallel. “You could replace Chris Nemelka’s name with Joseph Smith’s name and your letter would read the same, wouldn’t it?” BlackMamba asked.

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