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Doubts About Elizabeth Smart


I watched the broadcast on NBC’s Dateline regarding the ordeal of Elizabeth Smart and something seems fishy to me.

It appears that the adolescent age of 14 has become a trigger point in the lives of many young girls across the country. Call it puberty or coincidence, but I’m seeing more and more articles concerning teens of this age and the ordeals they become a victim to.

In my opinion, the body language, facial expressions and spoken words of Smart and her parents don’t suggest victimization by any means.

One has to wonder whether the kidnapper was actually an accessory to her running away. Evidently he (Mitchell) worked for the Smarts and had motive, means and opportunity.

There is no question that Brian David Mitchell is some disturbed freak of nature who is better off behind bars. But what disturbs me more is why Elizabeth didn’t scream out immediately upon being wakened by a “stranger.” She stated that he placed a knife to her throat, but something just doesn’t seem right.

Elizabeth is now being propped up as a “profile in courage” when in fact she is nothing of the kind.

Yes, the Smarts are not too smart, but America is not that dumb. Enjoy your celebrity while you still have it.

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, Ohio