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Dream Bikes



Do you own your dream bicycle? What is it, or what would it be?

Elly Green: I would have Pee-wee’s bike. No question!

Jackie Briggs: No! But it would be covered with a lion pattern and have two rear saddlebags. I’ve wanted a lion-colored bike for as long as I can remember, why they’re not readily available is beyond me.

Paula Saltas: I have a cruiser bike. Love it.

Scott Renshaw: I owned it when I was 8. My dreams have shifted a bit since then.

Jerre Wroble: My dream bike is an old one, one that thieves would not care about. It has a few gears to click through, good brakes and a comfy seat. And it’s to be found on the bike paths of Amsterdam, where I will ride it in search of tulips and sundry adventure on a warm, sunny day.

Rachel Scott: My dream bicycle would probably be a Cervelo and would cost as much as my car ... sigh.

Bryan Bale: I think a Scott Scale 29 RC or Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er 1 would be really nice. (As long as I’m dreaming, why not dream big?)

Bryan Mannos: I can’t say I dream about bicycles, but I do own one I like a lot. It’s a commuter with gears and bags, making me ultra-urbane when I bring baguettes home after work. Ascot soon to follow.

Colin Wolf: My dream bike would have the ability to slap D-bags who try to run me off the road. Or something with a little bell on it.

Austen Diamond: I want a bike that’s a sandwich.