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Dumb & Dumber


At least the three major political campaigns are easy to decide. You have Gov. Gary Herbert who, instead of admitting he was a cheat and liar, decided to admit he is just plain stupid. How can he claim ignorance about a $13 million payout? I guess ignorant is as ignorant does.

The U.S. Senate race pits a constitutional expert against what every politician in America should be. The only reason Mike Lee is an expert on the Constitution is because he has been trying to work around it for the past 10 years so that EnergySolutions could make Utah a toxic landfill. Sam Granato is what we pray every politician would be: Honest and hard-working, without a private agenda.

Lastly, you have Daddy’s boy, Rep. Jim Matheson, who still seems convinced that the bailout was a bad idea. It reminds me of a man who goes to the doctor with gangrene and the doctor tells him he is going to lose his foot. Rather than amputating his foot, Matheson would rather wait it out and hope it clears up on its own. To this day, he is still proud that he was one of eight idiots who voted against the bailout. Thank goodness not all politicians are this stupid (and don’t even get me started on his inaccessibility).

Too bad most voters are like Matheson and have their heads in the sand. This is a no-brainer election: A bunch of no-brained people in Utah voting for a bunch of no-brained politicians.

Eric Foutz
West Jordan