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During the Government Shutdown


How has the government shutdown changed your plans/life?

Paula Saltas: Are the liquor stores still open? Then, no.

Scott Renshaw: It has changed my plans to think of certain members of Congress as anything but infantile zealots. But even that, only a little.

Rachel Piper: I was planning to go camping this weekend on Forest Service land. I’m almost positive that our usual campground will be closed as a result of the shutdown but I can’t tell for sure, because the Forest Service is closed, and its website redirects to the USDA website, which is shut down. So I guess I’ll just drive to Mantua and see.

DJ Moody: I think I can’t get my new drivers license, but I’m not sure. I haven’t even checked, but yes, I am mad at the shutdown because I think, I THINK, the DMV is closed.
Editor’s Note: The DMV is run by the state and will remain open.

Eric Peterson: It will disrupt life for everyone, but it’ll be harder on some than others, like the 800,000 now-furloughed federal employees. Economic ripple effects will hit everyone as new oil and gas development will stop, as well as tourism to national parks—a kick in the nuts for the state economy. Oversight agencies, including an agency that looks out for consumer fraud, won’t be able to do their jobs. If the shutdown continues as winter comes, the federal heat program will remain unfunded, which is troubling for me. My mother, who is by no means some welfare caricature—she’s worked nearly every damned day of her life to support her children; she’s now in her 60s and is still working—may soon be unable to heat her home because she relies on that program. Unfortunately, all the hot air in D.C. won’t be able to heat my mother’s house as the weather turns.