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Earthquake Voodoo


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Pat Robertson recently stated that the Haitian monster earthquake was caused because the Haitian people once made a pact with the devil through voodooism in which, if he helped them expel the French, they would serve him forever.

Needless to say, Robertson has been getting “Hail, Columbia” from the media and liberal ministers for his far-out comments. True or not, it does seem strange that the Dominican Republic, located on the same island, was untouched by the 7.0 temblor, doesn’t it?

Moreover, the Dominican Republic has been a prosperous nation over the years, while Haiti has been the most cursed, impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere ever since it gained its independence.

Coincidence? Stay tuned, folks. We’re going to see more and more disastrous calamities of every kind as 2012 approaches, regardless of all the derision, ridicule and skepticism directed at Pat Robertson and others with like-minded views.

Gil Montano


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