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Eastbound & Down, Rio

New DVDs Tuesday, Aug. 2


Eastbound & Down - HBO
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  • Eastbound & Down

Eastbound & Down: Season 2
Shunned by ‘Merica, Kenny Fucking Powers (Danny McBride) makes his baseball comeback in Mexico, pitching for the Charros and smoking and screwing everything in sight. Easily the most important sports saga since Rocky, or at least Rocky II. (HBO) Netflix

A rare Brazilian macaw (Jesse Eisenberg) is taken to Rio to mate with the last of his kind (Anne Hathaway), only to be captured by evil bird smugglers and have his chances at getting laid thwarted. Kids’ movie, right? (Fox)

The Coffin
Two strangers (Karen Mok, Ananda Everingham) partake in a supernatural coffin ritual to reverse death, upsetting the karmic balance of the universe until everyone around them starts dying. Insert Obamacare joke here. (Breaking Glass)

Cougar Hunting
Three 20-something losers road-trip to Aspen to score with older women (like Lara Flynn Boyle and Vanessa Angel); wackiness, Valuable Love Lessons and a ringing endorsement from the Colorado Tourism Board ensue. (Screen Media)

A team of good-lookin’ researchers investigates the 70-year-old disappearance of an entire New Hampshire town—naturally, they all start dying in bizarre, gruesome fashions. Lesson: Never investigate anything. (Bloody Disgusting)

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