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I just had a chance to read “Greening Your Kitchen” by Ted Scheffler [April 21, City Weekly]. Thanks for some great tips, but you missed the item that belongs as a big No. 1 on any eco-friendly list: Eat green. It is a fact that plant-based diets do more to decrease an individual’s carbon footprint than buying bulk foods, using a high-efficiency dishwasher and emptying your plate can ever achieve. Between the savings on the grain and feed (which can go to human, not animal, use), decreases in global-warming CO2 from cows and pigs, and avoiding all the water use and pollution that flow directly from animal agriculture, your body will be healthier and lighter. That is the “inconvenient truth” that Ted Scheffler and City Weekly will have a hard time denying, but it is bigger than your Top 10 put together.

James Mouritsen
Salt Lake City

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