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Eco Chamber

Eight ways to celebrate Earth Day 2017.


8. Mix up a vat of Grasshopper cocktails. Consume for 24 hours. Wake up in time for Cinco de Mayo.
7. Adopt a Utah prairie dog— they’re delicious.
6. Pay tribute to Gaia. She’s onstage around noon at Southern Xposure.
5. Ride a bike, but only after legally requesting your body to be composted after you’re run down by a car.
4. Become a vegan for 24 hours; tell anyone who’ll listen “I’m a vegan!” every 10 minutes.
3. Carry your American Spirits, Natty Light and motor oil in reusable grocery bags.
2. Stage concurrent Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial Day celebrations.
1. Recycle: The above entry is from a 2008 Ocho.