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Eddie Spaghetti, “Carry Me Home”



City Weekly is asking locals what’s playing on their iPods and assorted digital toys'brand-new tunes, classic favorites, etc.'right now, and why. This week, Heavy Metal Shop proprietor Kevin Kirk (with the Supersuckers’ Eddie Spaghetti, right) drops his personal Top 10: “I don’t have an iPod, but a mini-disc player that my son gave me for my birthday. I ride my mountain bike to and from my shop, and this is what I listen to.”

Drive-By Truckers, “Like a Rolling Stone”

(2005, DriveByTruckers.com)

“Great version of this Dylan classic, each band member sings a verse and then all together at the end. It’s hard to pick just one song from them, but this is the latest.”

Old 97s, “The New Kid”

(2004, Old97s.com)

“Real catchy, great song and great lyrics'and Rhett Miller has such a killer voice.”

Steve Earle, “F the CC”

(2004, SteveEarle.com)

“This has to be my favorite song on The Revolution Starts Now. Great sing-a-long song at Red Butte last month: F'k the FCC!!”

Heartless Bastards, “New Resolution”

(2005, TheHeartlessBastards.com)

“A powerful three-piece band, fronted by the very talented Erika Wennerstrom. She writes and sings all of the songs, plays guitar and piano. And what a voice!”

(2005, Supersuckers.com)

“This is another cover song, but is perfect for Eddie to do. This is off of his forthcoming album, Old No. 2. A very cool version of an obscure AC/DC song, and I must say Eddie’s version does it more than justice.”

Nashville Pussy, “Hell Ain’t What it Used to Be”

(2005, NashvillePussy.com)

“From their new album, Get Some. Whoever doesn’t love Nashville Pussy can turn around and get the f'k out of here!”

Throw Rag & Lemmy, “The Bottle Has Let Me Down”

(2005, ThrowRag.com)

“This version of the old Merle Haggard song, with Lemmy trading vocals with The Captain, has got to be one of the coolest duets in rock & roll history.”

Dwarves, “Salt Lake City”

(2004, TheDwarves.com)

“I love everything that Blag comes up with, and this song is so damn clever.”

The Supersuckers, “Breaking Honey’s Heart”

(2005, Supersuckers.com)

“A new song that has yet to be released on a regular album; the version I have is on a live CD. Eddie played this at his solo Snowbird show last month and it was definitely a highlight.”

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