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Election Guide: County Matchup

Salt Lake County Council's four-seat contest



Salt Lake County government will have a brand-new bag, with County Mayor Peter Corroon and Councilwoman Jani Iwamoto, both Democrats, leaving office. Vying for Iwamoto’s District 4 seat are Republican community activist Missy Larsen and Democratic businessman Sam Granato.

In District 2, Republican Michael Jensen is seeking his fourth council term, while former state lawmaker Brent Goodfellow is his Democratic challenger.

In District 6, Republican Max Burdick wants a second term. Paul Recanzone, a telecommunications consultant, is his Democratic challenger.

For the at-large seat, 12-year incumbent Jim Bradley is facing off a challenge by Republican Joseph Demma, communication director for the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

City Weekly asked the eight county candidates to boil down their talking points to the size of an elementary-school essay. They’ve been asked to succinctly describe the county’s biggest challenge, how they’re best suited to tackle it and/or why their opponent is not fit for the job.

To view profiles on Salt Lake County mayoral candidates Mark Crockett [Republican] and Ben McAdams [Democrat], visit CityWeekly.net/Election2012.

Jim Bradley
Democratic incumbent for At-Large (C)

I am the best County Council candidate because I will continue to protect our canyons and foothills from misguided development proposals such as SkiLink and Tavaci; make thoughtful and honest decisions devoid of special-interest influences on behalf of the citizens of the county; balance the budget and maintain the county’s strong financial position; bring new ideas and proposals to the county such as criminal-justice reform, urban farming, and regional policing; and support the county’s strong legacy in improving the quality of life through its programming in parks, recreation, culture and human services. And, I love the job.

Joseph Demma
Republican candidate for At-Large (C)

Salt Lake County deserves new ideas and a fresh perspective. As a part of Gov. Huntsman’s original management team, I know what good government looks like. It does not look like increasing taxes or a “police fee.” Instead of accounting gimmicks, I propose a three-point plan to help turn Salt Lake County government around:

1. Cut waste and make county government more efficient.

2. Improve the competitive environment for small businesses.

3. Recruit businesses to the county and energize economic development.

In addition, I will eliminate the county’s lobbyist program and create a rainy-day fund to deal with budget shortfalls. JosephDemma.com

Michael Jensen
Republican incumbent for District 2

As your west-side representative, I am proud to serve such a great community. I currently serve as chief of Unified Fire Authority. As a firefighter, I fight to protect your life and property every day. I bring this same passion and commitment to the County Council.

The budget is the biggest challenge facing Salt Lake County. I have fought hard to balance the budget and live within our means. I will continue to put your wallets first and be prudent with your hard earned money. I am honored to fight for the West Side! ElectMichaelJensen.com

Brent Goodfellow
Democratic candidate for District 2

It is important to protect the integrity of public lands. They are the heart of our watershed and open space. My opponent testified before a congressional committee Dec. 2, 2011, in support of House Resolution 3452. That bill would require the U.S Forest Service to sell 30.3 acres of precious public lands to a foreign corporation to build SkiLink.

I am against selling our public lands to a foreign corporation. We need a master plan for transportation to our ski resorts. I will oppose tax increases, support economic development for more jobs and encourage small-business growth. I favor a strong network of aging services, mental-health programs and services that protect our neighborhoods and improve our quality of life. BrentGoodfellow.com

Sam Granato
Democratic candidate for District 4

While there are many challenges and opportunities currently facing Salt Lake County, one I am frequently asked about on the campaign trail is the environment and our Wasatch canyons. There is nothing more important for Salt Lake County’s future than a healthy and well-managed Wasatch mountain range. Our natural resources can never be replicated, and we have a duty to protect and preserve our canyons and work to improve our air quality and maintain clean water. I oppose SkiLink and fully support the Wasatch canyons planning study. I support a strong public process that is transparent, as all government actions should be. As a member of the Salt Lake Valley Board Of Health, I am committed to fighting for clean water and breathable air. We owe this much to future generations. Facebook.com/SamDistrict4

Missy Larsen
Republican candidate for District 4

The county is at a significant crossroads as the farmland of the past is now consumed by sprawling homes and new cities. The mission is changing drastically from a central municipal service provider to increased focus on human services, community resources, land usage and preservation, and cultural connectivity. As an actively engaged community builder, I have launched and built a thriving business and nonprofit coalition and offer critical community-based solutions for the next era. From the time I was a child and watched my father, Ted Wilson, serve as Salt Lake City mayor, I have understood my responsibility to engage in sustainable solutions. MissyLarsen.com

Max Burdick
Republican incumbent for District 6

As a Salt Lake County Council member, I’ve worked hard to pass needed budget cuts, eliminate duplicated services, maintain a AAA bond rating, and be instrumental in moving forward the partnership between Salt Lake County and Salt Lake City to build and operate the proposed Performing Arts Center.

I’ve developed an effective approach where mayors and community leaders focus on our future with better ways to serve our citizens. This has been called one of the most effective efforts over the past decade. I’ve proven myself as a level-headed leader with strong fiscal discipline.

Paul Recanzone
Democrat candidate for District 6

Freedom. Opportunity. Security. When I tell people these are the biggest challenges Salt Lake County faces, people tell me my head is in the clouds and ask about dog parks, jail overcrowding, or SkiLink. However, these principles should frame every decision every elected official faces. We must consider how taking land out of the public domain to support private interests diminishes future opportunity; how restorative justice reduces recidivism and increases freedom and opportunity; and how to secure open space for the best opportunity for all residents. All levels of government must cherish freedom, opportunity, and security today and for future generations. Recanzone.org

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