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Election Miracle Did Not Come


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All of my predictions in my letter concerning Mitt Romney and Barack Obama [“Romney’s Miracle,” Nov. 1, City Weekly] were 100 percent correct, I’m sorry to say. No miracle occurred for Romney to win. I, like most Utahns, voted for Romney.

I now predict the next four years under Obama may not be the end of the world, but they could be the end of the U.S. Constitution and the United States as we know it. I also predict that Obama will not improve the economy or reduce joblessness, and that he will instead continue to allow millions more of undocumented illegal immigrants to enter our country, and to legalize those already here. And he will continue to uphold and strengthen pro-abortion, same-sex marriage, gay rights and gun-control laws. Our troops will still be in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with thousands of Haliburton contractors, in 2016. And I predict Obama will increase the national debt by trillions with Obamacare and countless other expensive federal programs.

On the Utah political front, it’s the same old GOP story. Hypocrite carpetbagger Orrin Hatch gets re-elected after 36 years in the Senate. Remember when he said no senator should serve over two terms, or eight years? The other staid GOP politicians—Jason Chaffetz, Rob Bishop, Gary Herbert, and others—also got re-elected. They all have lifetime political tenure, like Hatch.

The only bright spot is that Matheson looks to have narrowly defeated upstart Mia Love. What a relief!