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Emilie Duval, Bunnies in Wonderland

Friday 2.5



As one of the newest and most unusual artistic venues in Salt Lake City, the Livingroom—art hung in the living room of a suburban Holladay home—has established itself in the local art scene. The first two shows there seemed to be providing a basic introduction to modes of artistic vision; the initial exhibit with Two Colorists examining the spectrum of visible hues and January’s East Coast Meets West Coast abstractionist shapes mining a microcosm of near-monochromatic sheer composition.

The “contemporary art salon” seems to be building up steam for something with a more provocative, political edge to it, like Livingroom co-founder qi peng is known for at his previous venue, IAO Projects. Bunnies in Wonderland, by the French-born artist Emilie Duval, who is currently living in Texas, features political/environmental paintings from her series “Extremely Unlikely,” as well as video art pieces, “My Big Pink Fck… Bunny” and “My BPFB is Mad at Me,” mixing hints of violence with images of consumerist culture in a barren environment. The recontextualizing of these elements merges the familiar, banal and sinister in a way that defies attempts to resolve the cognitive dissonance.

Duval will also be creating an installation work on site, inspired by the motif of the “BPFB” and its nexus of desire, greed and fear personified, in addition to experimental video projections. The elements of satire in these works masks, but is also the entry point, into something much more volatile.

Emilie Duval, Bunnies in Wonderland @ The Livingroom, 2105 Fardown Ave., 801- 987-0244, Feb. 5-27