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Enough Is Enough



I am a longtime reader of your unique alternate paper. The stupidity and blind arrogance of our stalwart Legislature continually amazes me. To hear and read that the reasons for disciplining Sen. Chris Buttars were for breaking secret agreements to keep his mouth shut—not for what he said—is the last straw for me. I have friends and associates outside Utah, and the morons in the Legislature don’t understand—nor do they care—that they have made Utah the laughing stock of the world.

The unique thing about agreeing to represent your constituents is that it includes the needs and wishes of all the citizens in your district. Those with narrow-minded agendas do have a right to their opinions and may express them through appropriate organizations and forums. They have no business conducting the state’s business under the charade of representing the citizens of their district. Sens. Howard Stephenson, Buttars, et al, should be censured and forced to resign for the continual abuse of power they arrogantly express.

Further, as a personal gesture, I have decided to and have asked my family as a point of protest to boycott all businesses in West Jordan and Draper. This will be tough, as there are numerous shops and restaurants and theaters in the Draper and Jordan Landing areas alone that my family enjoys trading with. I have expressed my feelings about this to co-workers and friends as well, and now urge the readers of City Weekly to do the same.

I call on the citizens of West Jordan to demand that Chris Buttars resign. I call on the citizens of Draper to demand that Stephenson resign as well.

Utah was founded by a group of people who went west to find a place of tolerance. How these same people can promote and foster intolerance and prejudice boggles my mind because many are members of the LDS Church. I don’t suggest that the church in any way promotes bigotry and intolerance. I would suggest that they try to have folks take a step back and remember the reasons for coming West in the first place.

Kevin Sillito
West Valley City