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Entourage, Green Zone, Hung, Rock Slyde, Timer

New DVD releases Tuesday, June 22


Entourage - HBO
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Entourage: Season 6
The season where Vince is back on top (every even-numbered season), E's trying to get back with Sloan (ditto), Turtle has big business dreams (yup), Drama loses his gig (of course) and Ari screams a lot (sho'nuff). Ah, changes. (HBO)

Green Zone
The Bourne Identity
goes to Baghdad! At the beginning of the Iraqi War in 2003, an Army officer (Matt Damon) and his team are dispatched to locate weapons of mass destruction only to find a steaming pile of Dubya. Ah, changes. (Universal)

Hung: Season 1
A Detroit high-school gym teacher (Thomas Jane) stumbles upon a lucrative new gig as a man whore, not to mention his own gigantic member. With the help of his pimpette (Jane Adams), he even learns to romance the ladies before crippling them. (HBO)

Rock Slyde
Brilliantly dumb private detective Rock Slyde (Patrick Warburton) is being muscled out of his office complex by his arch-nemesis (Andy Dick), and his new best gal (Rena Sofer) might be working for him! Ouch! (Monarch Home Video)

In alternate-universe Los Angeles, a clock that counts down to when you'll meet your Soul Mate can be implanted in your body. Too bad Oona's (Emma Caulfield) Timer reads blank. Apparently, it's a Microsoft product. (Phase 4 Films)

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