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Equal Opportunity Education Needed



I am a full-time student and a part-time worker. I am going to school for nursing, and something that has always irritated me is the lack of education funding. There are options, such as FAFSA, loans, etc., but those are meant for students who just graduated high school, are going to college full time and are living off of their parents’ income. There are also grants and loans for the wife or husband going back to school who has children—meaning there are multiple people to support.

What about the single adults who are trying to advance their careers, though? Part time is the least I need to work to pay my bills, and with financial aid, I make too much to get any sort of “free money.” I think this is ridiculous and a huge deterrent to advance my education. In order to succeed in this country and make something of yourself, education is important, and the more education you have, the better off you are in your job hunt. I mean, today, some companies won’t even look at your resume if you don’t have a master’s degree.

There needs to be more options for the single adult who needs to work in order to survive but also wants the chance to advance their career by going back to school. Going straight to college after high school is not always ideal or the plan for some, and the way the system is now, it’s almost as if the government is punishing those who didn’t go the traditional route.

I don’t think that is fair, and I feel that there needs to be education funding for all different situations and all different people so our world can become more educated. It should be fair system-wide so we all can succeed.

Brenda Joyce

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