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Eva, With Aplomb



City Weekly digital news editor/staff writer Jesse Fruhwirth found a versatile downtown restaurant, perfect for restricted diets of various sorts. He writes, “One cleansing ‘raw-tarian,’ two vegans, one non-dairy diner and two omnivores walk into a local restaurant; each walks away happy and full. Could this be any crew besides my friends, and could any local restaurant cater to our every whim better than Eva (317 S. Main)? I don’t think so.

"The eatery had answers to each of our persnickety restrictions and made suggestions with perfect aplomb. The staff tossed a colorful off-menu raw veggies salad for my friend who’s on some peculiar variation of a master cleanse; a couple of on-menu, natively animal-free dishes like vegan dolmes were astounding; multiple dishes altered slightly to be made vegan suffered not a bit for the alteration; genuine beef for the meat eaters was juicy and delightful; and the local produce in their specials was enjoyed by all. Best of all, we didn’t feel as if we were asking for anything special: Eva’s prompt and friendly staff made our requests seem natural and welcome, even during their busy Saturday-evening shift."