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Every Dog...Every Day

How close do you come to providing these daily enrichments for your dog?



Each day your dog should get a walk for exercise and stimulation.  This is very rewarding for every dog to explore new scents beyond the familiar ones in his own home or yard.  And it’s important that your dog gets to enjoy this special time, with you at the other end of the leash.  *Running around in the yard is no substitute for a walk.

Most dogs are always ready to play.  Whether it’s tug, fetch, “find me” or whatever your dog enjoys, you should make time each day to play with your dog.  Play is necessary to build a strong bond.  *Wrestling on the floor with a dog may not be suitable play for children.

From the time they are puppies, dogs will never tire of chewing  Bully sticks, knuckle bones cows’ ears, etc.  Whatever your dog enjoys try to give her some time each day to have a good chew.  *As is the case with every chew, they require supervision.

Instead of simply giving your dog a special treat, try loading it into one of many types of puzzle toys.  There are Kongs, Tricky Treat Balls, Tornados, etc.   Not only will the treat last longer, but the stiumlation of the challenge is a great way to expend some excess energy.  *Some dogs are more motivated than others, so you can adjust the level of difficulty for your dog.