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Factoids about new Utah governor Gary Herbert



Eight little-known/unverified factoids about new Utah governor Gary Herbert:

8. He played the “father” of robot kid Vicki on TV’s Small Wonder.

7. He’s never paid more than $5 for a haircut. Including tip.

6. As Lt. Governor, he revamped Utah’s elections Website entirely on a Commodore 64.

5. He was briefly a Juggalo, but later denounced Insane Clown Posse as being “too progressive.”

4. He agrees with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that gay marriage is something that should remain between a man and a woman.

3. His result for the Facebook poll “Which Friend Are You?” is always “Gunther.”

2. As Lt. Governor, he secretly sold Moab to Canada for 72 hours.

1. His favorite part of City Weekly is “I Saw You.” He has yet to been seen.

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