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False Assumptions


What assumption of yours may need to be re-examined?

Rachel Scott: The assumption that people actually are going to give a s—t about what I am writing here in Staff Box.

Nick Clark: I assumed that Christmas didn’t come until after Thanksgiving.

Lia Pretorius: That Sarah Palin has no chance in hell (her native land) of getting elected president of the United States.

Derek Carlisle: I’ve assumed for the last time that people are genuine. Seems as though everyone is out for No. 1 these days. They care only for what the person across from them can offer in their pursuit of selfishness. Sad to see.

Josh Loftin: That I’m a man. At home, I keep losing the Monday night TV battle between Monday Night Football and Dancing with the Stars.

Lara Grant: That all Adult Swim cartoons are boring, unfunny and asinine. When I discovered Lucy, Daughter of the Devil, I actually laughed maybe three whole times!

James Reifenburger: The assumption of my son freely attending school without me having to check up on him. And that all women remember anniversaries, because my wife doesn’t!

Annie Quan: I’m always re-examining my need to drink.

Jerre Wroble: That a Democratic president and Congress can usher in single-payer universal health care.

Jamie Gadette: Oh, come on—you know what happens when we assume.

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