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Family Values



Utah is all about family values, but that doesn’t stop undocumented families from being torn apart by overzealous immigration officers. On Thursday, you can stand in solidarity with undocumented immigrant families in Utah. Later, swing by the University of Utah for a panel discussion on the ethics and concerns of Big Brother gathering up big data. Next week, Provo residents won’t want to miss a city council hearing where an ordinance to go after predatory towing companies will be discussed.

Solidarity With the Canenguez Family & Victims of the 2006 Swift Raids
Thursday, Dec. 12

Ana Canenguez won the Utah Head Start’s Parent of the Year award for 2012, but according to an immigration judge, the undocumented El Salvadoran mother will have to self-deport from the country in 2014, despite being the kind of nonviolent offender the Department of Homeland Security’s policy says shouldn’t be prioritized for deportation. If you’re a believer in comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform, don’t miss this rally, which will also honor the hundreds of families devastated by the 2006 immigration raids of Cache Valley’s Swift meat-packing plant.
Temple Square, 58 W. South Temple, Dec. 12, 5-8 p.m.,

The Ethics of Big Data
Friday, Dec. 13

Stories of the NSA and its all-seeing eye on citizens’ e-mails, phone calls and social media have stoked outrage among citizens and politicians around the world. But what is big data and how is it being gathered? Join a panel discussion including Xmission founder Pete Ashdown and investigative journalist and NSA tracker James Bamford to learn more about how big Big Brother really is, and what can be done about our current surveillance state.
Eccles Business Building, 1655 E. Campus Center Drive, University of Utah, 801-587-8183, Dec. 13, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.,

Provo City Council
Tuesday, Dec. 17

A proposed ordinance suggests putting a boot on predatory towing companies by tweaking an ordinance that would put the decision to tow vehicles more in the hands of property owners, rather than tow companies looking to make a quick buck.
City Center Building, 351 W. Center Street, Provo, 801-852-6120,

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