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Thank you for City Weekly’s Best of Utah award “Best Fast Car: The Nish Streamliner” [March 31, City Weekly]. We’d like to correct some information in the piece.

The Vesco family car was updated and campaigned by the Nish Motorsports Team from 1992 through 1999. The Vesco Family Streamliner No. 444 was returned to the Vesco family in 1999 after setting 20 national and world records. In 2000, Nish Motorsports built the No. 998 Streamliner in an 18-month period and began running the new streamliner in November 2001.

The No. 998 Nish Motorsports/Royal Purple Streamliner was designed and built by owner Terry Nish, crew chief Cecil McCray and the Nish Motorsports crew. The body was done by Autobody Express in Ogden. The frame was built by McNees Enterprises in Salt Lake City. All seven of the different classification Nish Motorsports engines are done by Klein Engines of Strawberry, Ariz. In September 2010, the Nish Motorsports/Royal Purple Streamliner made three runs at the Bonneville Salt Flats at over 400 mph, making Nish Motorsports one of 10 internal combustion cars to exceed 400 mph and one of only three naturally aspirated cars to run over 400 mph.

The Nish team currently holds nine national and world records and boasts the “World’s Fastest Small Block Chevy” and “World’s Fastest Family.”

During next August’s Speedweek, the Nish Motorsports team will run its 360 cubic-inch small-block Chevy with new Hilborn rotary fuel injection in an attempt to reclaim a national record. In September, the Nish Motorsports team has goals of running over 425 mph to claim another world record and become the world’s fastest naturally aspirated wheel-driven car.

Mike Nish
Salt Lake City