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Favorite oddballs & colorful characters


In real life, who is your favorite oddball or colorful character?

Julie Erickson: Ken Lee. “Who can turn the world on with his smile?” He’s a character, an oddball and he is definitely colorful!

Ted Scheffler: There’s this (now) semifamous, turbaned, roller-skating guitar player who works the Venice Beach boardwalk. I’m certain he’s from another planet—just not sure which galaxy.

Jamie Gadette: Do I know this person? If not, Eugene Mirman. If yes, Mike Brown.

Derek Jones: I once knew a unique character in junior high who decided to nickname me Trojan Man. I’ll never forget walking down the halls hearing “Trojan Man” screamed amid the throngs of classmates, most of whom were white and Mormon. My only solace was to hope that they had no idea what that meant.

Christopher Westergard: I am not sure what is considered “real life,” but my favorite is “Britney, Bitch!” I love how she is a certified crazy person. I just can’t get enough of her shenanigans. My favorite Britney is shaved-head Britney who beat up a car with an umbrella. I love Brit Brit, and I am not ashamed!

Jerre Wroble: KUER 90.1’s Steve Williams (aka Daddy-O) usually has a cool poetic rant up his sleeve and a love for the Utah music scene that knows no bounds; bookstore owner Ken Sanders is the font of juicy author gossip fused with big ideas; Babs De Lay is an amazing powerhouse, ever true to herself, whose Vagina monologue will live on in my memory.

Bryan Bale: What is this “real life” of which you speak?