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Feedback from April 11 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on the inland port, distilling in the Beehive State and hate crimes.



Cover story, April 11, "Attack of the 20,000-Acre Inland Port"
Stop the port!
Climate Change—SLC
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Cue the hyperbole.
Craig Schroerlucke
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Is there a way for locals to invest in the Salt Lake port? If locals were shareholders, they could control the process much better.
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Elwood should be a cautionary tale, imo. Utah deal sounds bad, maybe worse.
Roberto Clack
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Great write up by City Weekly on USA's largest inland port & how it has "wreaked havoc" on an Illinois town. SLC residents are unwilling to simply be overrun by greed—we will continue to stand up for our values.
Mayor Jackie Biskupski
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News, April 11, "Distilling Hope"
Who has the keys to the liquor cabinet?
Gerald Larsen
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What a difference 10 years has made on us all here at Ogden's Own Distillery Inc. Excited to see what the next 10 bring.
Timothy Smith
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Is it full strength?
Paul Matteson
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Soap Box, April 11, Getting Schooled
I read the comment from that kid. That was awesome. I like how he made his point then went back and told them why.
Diane Armstrong
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Online news post, April 18, Main Street hate crime update
Good, hate crimes are real.
Geno Lopez
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How about we just start with prosecuting violent criminals aggressively rather than try and judge their motives subjectively?
Mike Stapley
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Motive matters a lot. That's why there's different laws for manslaughter vs. murder. If I'm cleaning my gun and an accidental discharge kills someone, that's a much different crime than if I set out to shoot them on purpose. You can't just ignore the motive.
Joe Tea
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You're comparing apples and oranges. Let's leave political correctness and identity politics out of the courtroom when someone commits murder or assault.
Mike Stapley
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Unless you were attacked leaving a gay bar or night club or it occurs against people during Pride, how do you prove the attacker knew the person was gay or homosexual? And if it wasn't in any of these vicinities, how would you prove that it was an act based on hatred of their sexuality?
Matt Morris
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Online news post, April 18, "Make the Middle Class Great Again"
We need to bring up the lower classes. There's way too much focus on the middle- and upper-class people.
Diane Armstrong
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