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Feedback from April 22 and Beyond



The Verdict
A tear found its way into my eye today ... pushed by the word, "Guilty."

One tear.

As it filled my eye, it briefly clouded the number of times I've seen clearly the abuse and pain doled out by those who I was always told, since a child, were supposed to protect and serve me ... maybe.

It broke from my eyelid as if breaking through the barriers that stopped me from seeing true Justice.

That tear rolled down my cheek ... it dragged through years of "knowing"—taught how to look, how to dress, how to talk, how to move, how to simply "think" and "be" in order to return home safely.

You must know, or else.

As that tear touched my chin, it reminded me of all the many invisible blows it has had to take threatening to close my mouth, making my chin almost too heavy to hold up.

As that tear dropped from my face, it raced through time and space ... back through years and centuries of all the past lives which were lived in fear.

Which through time, developed into a seeming genetically ingrained, quiet, constant fear.

A fear put in place by learning the "knowing" ... from chains, whips, fire, ropes, batons, bullets and a knee ... and laws that don't protect.

Don't serve.

As that solitary tear hit my chest, it matched the beat of my heart ... beating while knowing many others like mine were stopped forever.

Just one tear.

Hopefully the last of the thousands and thousands that have broken from my eyes over my lifetime of "knowing" ... that gets in the way of simply "being."
Mark Collins
Chicago, Illinois
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'Get on the Canna-bus,' April 22 cover story
—"The Legislature passes and Gov. Spencer Cox signs a handful of modest reforms, including allowing essentially all medical professionals in the state to recommend a limited number of patients receive medical cards."

I wish my doctor would have been aware of this. When I asked him in March for a card for lower back pain, he said that only pain doctors could dispense cards.
LaVonne Maloney
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'History Fail,' April 22 Private Eye
City Weekly publisher, John Saltas, reflects on my Burgess Owens cartoon and the controversy that erupted. Well written and dead-on correct.
Pat Bagley
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Some people these days seem to forget that America was founded as an immigrant nation In my opinion, it's what makes us great. I just can't understand this nationalist bullshit. Have they ever even read the inscription on the Statue of Liberty?
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Immigrants made this country what it is and without it, we wouldn't be able to refresh our ideals periodically. I've lived in many a neighborhood with documented and undocumented immigrants. I'm a better human because of them.
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