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Feedback from April 23 and Beyond



On Trump's idea to cure COVID-19 by possibly injecting disinfectant
So, if a person does inject themselves and dies, would that be considered another COVID-19 death? Just asking for a friend.
Darren Edgar
via Facebook

Weird. I listened to his quote, and it sounded like some experimental treatment he talked with a doctor about. I didn't see any actual moment where he told the public to inject disinfectant into their bodies.

I barely noticed it while watching. I think people are blowing this up and being ridiculous.
Corey Fordham
via Facebook

It's like when someone in the government said it would be a conspiracy if Trump put Russian dressing on his salad. And a know-it-all said "No, because Russian dressing actually comes from New Hampshire."

The "compliant ones" have no sense of humor or irony.
Matt Morris
via Facebook

Marked safe from Donald Trump's medical advice today.
Sean Devlin
via Facebook

[Sanitizer bottles state] "not for internal consumption." He should try it first.
via Instagram

Cover Story, April 23: "Viral Verses"
Here I sit brokenhearted
Came to shit
But only ...
Wait, what, who stole all the damn toilet paper!?
Josh Maddocks
via Facebook

Robe so soft on skin
Take me to the coffee cup
Pour it to the brim

Monitor screen lit
Keyboard feels my fingertips
My workday begins

Break at noon is fine
My face gets its some sunshine
Take a tad more time
Vince Corak via email

Pinch me is this a dream, the introvert screamed.
This virus has me
enjoying every
minute, it seems.
No need for high-fives or hugs I dispize.
No handshakes are had,
God! I'm so glad!
This must never end even when health does mend.
Please let us continue to keep our hands to ourselves.
Anonymous shut-in

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