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Feedback from April 26 and Beyond

Our readers opine on public lands, cannabis and #fakenews.



Cover story, April 26, "What, Me Worry?"
A must read. Independent papers are doing the investigative journalism and explaining-to-the-people that the mob-captured MSM is failing at. Dear Ryan Zinke: Kiss my ass. This land belongs to all of us.
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They are just doing what Trump campaigned on.
Dave Caldwell
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Brilliant cover.
Roger W. Knox
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MAD magazine, an unrelated question: Is Alfred E. Neuman more of a shorthand for general stupidity or short sightedness?
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News, April 26, "Puff, Puff, Pass?"
It's not a "think" issue anymore. It's more of how Utah can slow its availability and accessibility. The "Churchislature" can't stop this train.
Vincent Sebastian Green
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Understand where our drug laws came from. All of them were based in racism.
Iris Nielsen
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Meanwhile, "upstanding citizens" are drinking gallons of Diet Coke and popping Xanax like M&M's.
Dylan Dean Taft
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Opinion, April 26, "Mormons and Pot"
When you use quotation marks, most readers assume that you are quoting something verbatim. And yet President Hinckley never called the Iraq war a "just war," He said some wars are justified, but all are horrific. When you can't get even the most basic facts right, it destroys your credibility for everything else you have to say.
Dustin Cammack

To nitpick [the author's] use of quotation marks as a way as to not respond to his overall point is kind of silly and closed-minded, don't you think? Fact of the matter is, he is right. There is no reason for medical marijuana to not already be legal given all the good it can do in ending suffering.

And let me take this one step further. In a state where smoking cigarettes and partaking of alcohol is legal, what is the hang-up with recreational marijuana use? Why is this the rallying cry of those opposed to legalizing medical use? It strikes me as a very ignorant and uninformed stance to take.
David Hunt

Michael James Stone
Via Facebook

Have you guys just stopped thinking? Opinion is just that. If you disagree with the opinion, state your reason for opposition. Saying things like "fake news," "no collusion" and "witch hunt" is just repeating rhetoric—and quite frankly makes you look, well, unintelligent.
Iris Nielsen
Via Facebook

It is the escape for someone not being able to put together a valid argument for why they disagree with something.
Chris Nielsen
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Silly Mormons. I sympathize. It's much easier to do what you are told rather than decide for yourself. Just realize although it's a bit more difficult, it's much more liberating to think for yourself.
Via Twitter

For the most part, I think the guest opinion piece was well-argued.

The only thing I think needs improvement is the wording around those who need medical marijuana. The author writes "There are thousands of Utahns for which medical marijuana is the difference between years of endless suffering or functional, happy lives." The wording here concerns me, because it's very vague. Maybe there are thousands, but where is this number coming from? It seems arbitrary. What does "endless suffering" mean? It just sounds like propaganda.

My response to the column is, this may all be true, but I am unconvinced by the wording. If the argument is that the Mormon church spews the "word of God" without research, then the side arguing against it should be better researched.
Mandy Pershing,

Funny that if an old white dude in a suit who says he "talks directly to God" and can make 15 million people give him billions of dollars, but whenever I say I talk directly to God, all I hear is "Pete, you ate too many mushrooms" and "we have to get out of this AutoZone, people are starting to stare."
Peter Muscarello
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Blog post, April 26, "Guv supports medical cannabis in principle, but he's against November ballot initiative"
Good thing he only has one vote.
Iris Nielsen
Via Facebook

Hmm ... talk of not trusting the voter.
Via Twitter

It's painful to watch LDS legislators with no imagination trying to figure out life.
Edwin Firmage
Via Facebook

He's honest and consistent. Doesn't put party before the citizens he serves and represents. He takes risks to do what's right. He may go with the unpopular vote, but it's because he is selfless and cares about the people and families of Utah. No ... wait. I had that completely backwards. Never mind.
Brittney Hemingway
Via Facebook

Who or what is holding him back on easing the suffering of others? How can he look a little kid in the eye who is suffering from numerous convulsions or seizures a day, knowing he has the power to help them and still turn away?
Debra Vasquez
Via Facebook

Well you can't expect him to take a stand opposite the Church, duh.
Via Twitter

The governor needs to pull his head out of the LDS church's ass! Cannabis would solve the Mormon opioid and heroin epidemic in a holistic fashion.
Steve Bench
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