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Feedback from April 5 and Beyond

Our readers opine on departing senators, old-school eats and fruity beers.



Cover story, April 5, "Dabakis Is Leaving the Building"
Great. Best thing that ever happened to Salt Lake City!
Steven Zervos
Via Facebook

Sen. Jim Dabakis will be missed deeply. Very few political figures are for-and-with the people.
Via Instagram

I will miss his emails.
Virgil Glass
Via Twitter

I'm so sad. He's my hero.
Ally Bee
Via Facebook

I am happy.
Samuel Wilson
Via Facebook

He will be greatly missed.
Teresa Conway
Via Twitter

Good riddance.
Craig Schroerlücke
Via Facebook

Sad to see him go; I loved reading his posts exposing Utah's political ongoings.
J.Corbin Carroll
Via Facebook

The only person that made me feel like I was being represented in some way. Now, not so much.
Cassius Seeley
Via Facebook

I'm gonna miss that guy. Hell, the whole state is gonna miss him, and two-thirds of them don't even know it.
Rick Golden
Via Facebook

Restaurant review, April 5, The Five Alls
Wonder if they still make their clam dip and yummy, soft breadsticks?
Via Instagram

I went there for junior prom in the early 80s. I always smile when I drive by and see it's still open. I feel the same about La Caille.
Todd Mecham
Via Facebook

Beer Nerd, April 5, "A Fruitful Discussion"
Jim Breitinger
Via Twitter

Blog post, April 14, "Couple Hundred Gather at Capitol Steps for Pro-Gun Rights Rally"
How could anyone be against background checks for the mentally ill? They must be mentally ill and should probably fear background checks with good reason.
Wendi Guerrero
Via Facebook

Second pro-gun parade in as many months. If only the Second Amendment fetishists actually did what they think they did and protected America from the constant government oversight that plagues society every day. But yeah, we really need another pride parade.
Brandon Eberhard
Via Facebook

Ammosexual Pride Parade.
Roy Webb
Via Facebook

Were there enough Twinkies to go around? Looks like "tens" of people showed up.
Jimmy Robertson
Via Facebook

The only good American is a dead American that doesn't own a gun, beside the patriot who shot him, right?
James Grippa
Via Twitter

I'm really impressed at how this gutter-waste of a nothing paper can bring the [redacted ableist term] out of the woodwork. If you look in the back pages of it, all it's supporting/promoting is the porn community—with chat lines, massage parlors and adult entertainment industries.
David Mellen
Via Facebook

Kudos to City Weekly for covering this. I think the rally is ridiculous, as this is similar to white people marching for Civil Rights, but all we can [expect] of our press, is that they try and cover every angle of things. This issue clearly means a lot to some people in the public, so it's cool it got some coverage.
Zachary Douglas Brown
Via Facebook

White people can't have Civil Rights?
Greer Russell
Via Facebook

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