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Feedback from Aug. 1 and Beyond

Readers opine on vanity plates, who's smoking what and climate change.



Cover story, Aug. 1, "R3J3CT PL8S"

I'm offended by the state-sanctioned "In God We Trust."
John Goetting
Via Facebook

MERL0T ... really? C'mon, Utah.
Michelle Hallett
Via Facebook

In the early 1980s, I worked for a VW dealership here in town. By that time, the managers figured out I was a bad salesman, so they set me up as the finance guy (who called in loan apps) and at the same time, doing licensing for new cars. I don't remember the details of this, but we had a customer who was new to Utah and he bought a car from us. His surname was a version of the word FXXXKER and he had the plate already from the state where he came from. He wanted it on his new VW and Utah took about 24 hours to reject it. He actually went to the DMV, which was in a big office in the capitol building, and took paperwork and legal documents that he'd used with the other state (Delaware? Maryland?) who finally approved his plate with his surname. So, it took Utah another 24 hours to approve his new plate. I guess they didn't want to same legal battle he got before, and I was the one who got to tell him and hand them over to him when they finally came in, about three weeks later. He was happy and so was I, in kind of a surprised way.
Michael Adams

So extreme right and pro Trump gets approved ... alcohol and gays get denied. Sounds about right for Utah!
Sara Beaudry-Wiltse
Via Facebook

Citizen Revolt, Aug. 1, "Weigh in on Utah's new medical cannabis rules"

Hahaha yeah, just wait until the Legislature has their say.
Daniel Grundfossen
Via Facebook

Keep the Mormons out of it.
Bo Gwin
Via Twitter

Legalize it!
Via Twitter

Just in case there are people out there who believe that climate change isn't actually occurring, has anyone heard the crickets this year? Normally, it starts on July 28-29, but their "singing" has been lessening for the past couple of years. They—and countless other creatures of all descriptions—are in deep peril. Perhaps nature's revenge for human activities will be our own demise; our nemesis.
Malcolm Sheehan,
Salt Lake City

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