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Feedback from Aug. 16 and Beyond

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Cover story, Aug. 16, "Less Hurt"
It's encouraging to see so many young Utah advocates who are energized and working to find common ground to help pass good public policies to end gun violence.
Via Twitter

I can't even imagine the life of a high school student today, having spent their whole life in active shooter drills practicing hiding so they might survive the coming massacre. I remember fellow students getting freaked out when we did tornado drills many years ago and all we had to do was sit in the hallway and hope the roof didn't fall in on us.
Joe Schmidt
Via Facebook

While this was interesting reading, and some good points, where is the indignation that should be displayed for social bullying and stigmatizing of innocent young people that so frequently is the germinated seed of school shootings?
C.J. Southworth
Via Facebook

News, Aug. 16, "Stair Masters"
Can't we destroy our own land? If I were Canada, I would want to develop somewhere else also.
Dave Caldwell
Via Facebook

I hope they push back really hard.
Zelda Batmo Lehmann
Via Facebook

Opinion, Aug. 16, "Where Is the Love?"
The sheep of Utah will, no doubt, re-elect her. All you need is an (R), after your name to get a free pass here. It's pathetic, really.
Clinton Reid
Via Facebook

Actually, it's a really close race. There is a good chance if enough dems and independents in her district show up to vote that she will be replaced.
Bernadette LeRoy
Via Facebook

There is nothing that the 1 percent doesn't own of the Republican Party.
Christopher Lane
Via Facebook

Can we get a Republican troll to run on a bunch of BS, then when elected vote for helpful things?
Peter Muscarello
Via Facebook

Restaurant review, Aug. 16, The Other Place
My favorite breakfast place for sure!
Lori Bailey
Via Instagram

Online news post, Aug. 22, Governor, alongside students and administrators, talks about school safety and mental health
Great feel-good story! You forgot to mention how late Herbert was, and how the kids all wanted to go to recess.
Via Twitter

Online news story, Aug. 25, Romney and a slew of elected officials rally in support of Mia Love
Mia knows that she and her Republican allies can no longer use the worn-out, tired excuse of Hillary Clinton's emails. She now needs to find someone else like Nancy Pelosi to deflect attention from the despicable antics of the Tangerine Tyrant. She needs to go.
Karen Tucker Steele
Via Facebook

Pelosi is being used as a deflection away from what crap Trump has done since he has been in office and the little that Mia has done. How about keeping focused on what the real problem is? Elected officials like you who do nothing about Trump. Americans are tired of these kind-of so-called leaders.
Debra Vasquez
Via Facebook

Why do people believe Republicans?
Brady Venable
Via Facebook

Damn good question.
Johnny Davis III
Via Facebook

Yawn. Same old tired Republican talking points. Someone has got to step up and decide: Do we work for the good of the country, or do we continue to be divisive? What say you, Rep. Mia Love?
Via Twitter

Politics divide us, it is in its nature to do that. Going blue or going red just means you're going to have somebody else to argue with in the future about your decision and your opinion. The three things you can't talk about around the dinner table are politics, religion and music. Music doesn't divide us; religion divides us as does politics. I'm not a liberal, I'm not a Democrat, I'm not a conservative, I'm not a Republican, I'm not an independent. I am veteran and an American.
Christopher Lane
Via Facebook

If anyone in that crowd is dumb enough to vote for Mia, I want to stop paying to educate their offspring. It is futile.
Via Twitter

We had eight years of Obama. Millions of additional jobs and millions more with health insurance. Yes, I want to go back to that.
Via Twitter

Bye, Mia. I hear Costco is hiring!
Ron Holt
Via Facebook

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