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Feedback from Aug. 22 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on concert etiquette, NIMBYs and impeachment.



News, Aug. 22, "Close Connections: In emails to colleagues, an ex-inland port board member protests a lobbyist's antics."

Good article City Weekly. Real media and journalism is needed on this inland port fiasco.
Julie Musgrave Sanders
Via Facebook

Music, Aug. 22, "Dudes to the Back"

There are two entirely separate issues here that you're describing—concert etiquette and the shit women have to deal with on the regular. I worked at a music venue for five years, and have been going to shows at least once a month for the past 15 years. I can think of one instance ever where I saw a man decline a woman's request to get in front of him due to the height issue. Most men will gladly move out of a woman's way if it is brought to their attention that they are blocking the view. On the other hand, I can only count a handful of times I've seen a tall dude gladly let a short dude in front of him. I don't point this out to discount the rest of the article, as I agree with your overall message. But I believe the initial issue you're describing is an etiquette issue (not a sexism issue) that can easily be resolved in most situations just by bringing attention to it.
Vinz Clortho

Back Burner, Aug. 15, Strap Tank Brewery opens

Took some family there last weekend. All great food. Fun ambiance. Staff has personality plus. (I am not your food writer; just liked it a lot!)
Dan Crane
Via Facebook

Urban Living, Aug. 15, "Shelter for All"

Babs De Lay, thank you for your kind and uplifting comments. I don't know about sainthood, but we are definitely guided by the 65 souls who have experienced the end of life with dignity in our home. Since the NIMBYs are so hypercritical of the term shelter, I would like to clarify that The Inn Between is not a homeless shelter, but rather a medical respite and end-of-life facility. 
Kim Correa,
Executive director, The Inn Between

Not above the law
It's time—past time—to open a formal impeachment inquiry. One-hundred and thirty members of the House have already come out in support. I want to know why the remaining members (including my member of Congress), have yet to come on board. Democrats have had control of the House of Representatives since the beginning of the year and still have yet to hold Trump accountable for his criminal conduct. In my opinion, time's up. 

President Donald Trump may lie to the American people, but the evidence does not. Mueller's report found over 100 secret communications between Trump's team and Russia or individuals tied to Russia. It found that Trump's own campaign chairman gave polling data to a former Russian intelligence officer. It outlined at least 10 occasions in which Trump obstructed justice, which is a serious crime, to say the least. If you or I did what Trump did, we'd be in jail.

Trump can scream "no collusion" all he wants, but these actions are unacceptable from any American, much less from the commander in chief who is tasked with protecting our national security. 

It's imperative for our representatives to support a formal impeachment inquiry. Every lawmaker should want to hold Trump accountable for his crimes. We need to send a message that welcoming the help of a foreign government—and obstructing justice to cover it up—will not be tolerated.
Saunsiaray Broussard,
Salt Lake County

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