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Feedback from Aug. 29 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on BYU, MAGA hats and the guv's skateboarding.



Cover story, Aug. 29,

"Unfair Acts"

Hear, hear! BYU and the LDS church need to be named, shamed and held accountable for their policies. Let the school and its athletics program whither on the vine. And the rivalry with the U hardly qualifies as a rivalry anymore with nine consecutive losses for BYU.
Victor Gold
Via Facebook

There are so many things in this article that are just plain wrong it makes my head spin. While BYU is openly bigoted, the shame is that the schools who do business with them, especially those that have "strict" anti discrimination policies are the biggest hypocrites of all.
Ed Thatsme
Via Facebook

Because the Utes will whoop their ass! Sorry I'll go ahead and read it now. Impulse control, folks. Let's work on it together.
Romans BuhmBahks
Via Facebook

Call it the Audit Bowl.
Marques Shaw
Via Facebook

Opinion, Aug. 29, "All Hands on Deck: GOP sheep wearing MAGA hats can't stall the country's precipitous slide from grace"

Stall? They're greasing the skid.
Mike Coronella
Via Facebook

Those people wearing those hats are causing this country's fall from grace. Are you kidding me?
Diane Armstrong
Via Facebook

Playing with the analogy. We've been boarded by pirates who have run us aground. We're taking on water, the decks are awash. We've manned the pumps. It's not clear if we're making progress. Our officers have different plans to get us afloat and off the reef. The hull is sound ...
Dennis Read Hanks
Via Twitter

The job of the demagogue is to make the enemy a friend and the friend an enemy.
Ed Thatsme
Via Facebook

News, Aug. 29, "Second Coming: How a gay kid who loves Disney princesses became Utah's most divisive drag queen"

The death threats and rage are too much. She obviously thrives off being a contrarian. I'm glad liberals created a world for her that dressing as a woman isn't the most controversial thing about her.
Brett Coffin
Via Facebook

Online news post, Sept. 3, "Olympic Grind: Gov. Herbert teams with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk in honor of new skatepark"

Yeah. Skateboarding. That's some real Tour de France level shit right there.
Jared Lee
Via Facebook

Paid to play in the air. Competitive eaters are better athletes
Amanda Roth Rose
Via Twitter

Who better to know about defying reason than Herbie? Well, maybe the Legislature.
Dennis Read Hanks
Via Twitter

It may defy your understanding, governor, but it doesn't defy reason.
Bryan Leitr
Via Facebook

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