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Feedback from August 12 and Beyond



"Rhymes With Socks" Aug. 12 Private Eye
I haven't seen City Weekly since I went into lockdown in March 2020, so when I saw one today and read Private Eye, I can say my faith in humor as a cure is now intact—especially with John Saltas references to Mike Lee and Chris Stewart, as they are buffoons with incredible staying power.

But this is Utah! I can relate to last name jokes, which I have heard a trillion times.

So, keep doing your delightful humor and keep us somewhat sane.

"10 Good Excuses Not to Get Vaccinated" Aug. 12 Smart Bomb
The one positive thing about this pandemic is that there will be a few less selfish and ignorant people around. If only we could keep them away from everyone else until they get what's coming to them.
Via Facebook

Given that the prophet has ardently urged Latter-day Saints to get vaccinated, maybe those who don't get their shots should have their recommends rescinded.
Via Facebook

Compassion Needed
"Extravagant inhumanity" or "tractors, trucks and cops."

Those are the only ways to describe the abatement or sweep program that the city's "management team" constantly uses to literally eliminate the presence of homeless encampments in and around Salt Lake City.

In recent weeks, during days of record breaking heat, the "team" was in motion day after day. It's a government form of bullying homeless folks, who are trying to survive in tents or makeshift shelters and avoiding the housing facilities full of fights, drugs and constant stealing.

This humanitarian crisis is happening now, and even a short-term fix is mandatory. At the same time, common sense, interaction, caring and compassion don't require tractors and dump trucks—or cops that state "this is not police work" when displacing human beings.

Word from the homeless czars and politicians? So far, nothing. From Cox's committee (army)? ... nothing.

Ad hoc groups like Nomad Alliance and numerous individuals doing everything they can with multiple tiers of humane support supply drives and spend actual time within the homeless communities.

Long term, there is hope, like the current proposed 45-acre subdivision on the west side of the city—much like the successful Community First! Village in Austin, Texas, directly positively affecting the lives of homeless folks since 2004.

In concert with Salt Lake City developing the special 400-unit complex is The Other Side Academy, a nonprofit and amazingly successful local organization.

In the meantime, human beings need help, support and compassion. Not tractors.
Salt Lake City

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