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Feedback from August 5 and Beyond



"Going for the Gold ... Again," Aug. 5 Cover Story
I would not be so sure about Salt Lake City as a sure-bet future Winter Olympics site. It appeared to be, at least on the surface, a more benign place back in the day.

Apart from having to wipe out any memories of the corruption that involved Salt Lake City and the International Olympic Committee's site selection, Utah has to deal with its current opposition to any global warming initiatives (and the effect on its own winter climate) and to Native American land preservation. Add to that the state's efforts to limit women's rights, its anti-immigration stance, and finally its potential for violence (not to mention disease promotion) being an incubator of outrageous conspiracy theories and advocating for the uncontrolled proliferation of all sorts of weapons outside the realm of sport and self defense.

Then of course, as far as Salt Lake City itself is concerned, we have seen over the past few administrations a basic inability to enforce many of its quality of life statutes as well as an appalling lack of routine crime prevention.

As a pedestrian, I really wonder about Salt Lake City when I have to step over a dead rat on Fourth South, avoid some scooter careening at 10 mph on the sidewalk, or wend my way through garbage left on the sidewalk from an unfenced fire site in Sugar House or for that matter just the general garbage on State Street.

Does Utah really think the IOC is unaware of the current state of Utah and Salt Lake City as far as suitable Winter Olympics sites go?
Salt Lake City

What a distraction. The city doesn't need the corruption that comes along with the Olympics on top of how poorly we're handling our growth spurt.

Let's focus on issues like humanely working with the homeless population, not building 20-plus skyscrapers downtown, and improving public transportation.
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Better hurry up. Our winters are disappearing. Maybe we can host Summer Games instead?
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Translation: if we had another tourist trap festival, we could have another justification to bulldoze innocent homeless camps.
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