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Feedback from Dec. 19 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on impeachment, homelessness and the Equal Rights Amendment.



Opinion, Dec. 19, "An Open Letter from God"

I just spent 15 minutes reading Mr. Robinson's piece, and wow! Just realized the poor man talking about President Trump's hate for everything uses the same vitriol attacking him. What a waste of my precious time reading this guy. Now, every time I get my City Weekly issue, I'm gonna cut his articles in little squares and use them as a toilet paper!
Mannie Lugo

Online news post, Dec. 18, "Rumblings of Impeachment"

Look at that. Not just a bunch of millennials. Great to see a generational mix! 
Rob Raty
Via Facebook

Nothing else to do. Very sad!
Andrew Esposito
Via Facebook

CNN and MSNBC impeached our president by brainwashing the gullible left.
Kelso Smith
Via Facebook

This is the same group that was protesting the sun's habit of coming up in the morning and going down in the afternoon last week. Most show up for the free cheese sandwiches. If they had full-time, work they'd be too worn out to protest anything.
Roy D. Mercer
Via Facebook

Just imagine the crowd if Trump held a rally downtown. This gathering was the beta-male soy-boy convention.
Robert James Dobrovnik
Via Facebook

It's about time! They should've voted for a firing squad. That's what they used to do with traitors like Comrade Don, a crass, boorish, racist, corrupt, immoral, always lying, creepy, buffoonish clown and scumbag who the whole world is laughing at. He's got more of his personal lawyers, aides and cronies going to prison than the Gambino crime family. He's gotta go, MAGA and all!
Kim Fellenz Sr.
Via Facebook

Online news post, Dec. 21, "92 homeless lives lost remembered at annual candlelight vigil"

Wow, that's sad.
Donna Sorenson Jackson
Via Facebook

Nobody cares about the homeless, they bring property values down. Remember when they tried to find new locations for the homeless center and all the self-righteous Utah citizens were up in arms? And they got helped into jail and fines they can't pay from Operation Rio Grande. Everywhere you go, there are laws against poor and homeless. Poverty not a crime? It sure is in this country.
Dave Caldwell
Via Facebook

Why is that information never in the governor's monthly press conference?
Mike Schmauch
Via Facebook

Online news post, Dec. 21, "Group of renegade carolers take over Temple Square calling for ERA ratification"

Really? Oh yeah, the women might learn that they don't have to birth as many children as physically possible ... and might actually have a right to be treated fairly and not made to feel bad for not being a puppy mill.
Candace Ewell
Via Facebook

ERA yes! ERA now!
Tiffany Lewis
Via Instagram

Bravo! We are almost in 2020, about time human diversity and inclusion is fully accepted and addressed by all sectors of society.
Via Instagram

Best Breathing

Thanks for giving your "Best Clean-Air Crusader" award to me the and Clean the Darn Air ballot measure in your 30th annual Best of Utah. I'd like to point out that two other volunteers, Colleen Farmer and Dave Carrier, collected even more signatures than the 4,000 I gathered. Many other volunteers around the state joined the effort, too, and although we won't make the 2020 ballot, we're already gearing up to push a clean air and climate measure in 2022. Everyone is welcome to join!
Yoram Bauman,
Co-founder, Clean the Darn Air

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