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Feedback from December 10 and Beyond



"Let's Hear It for the Soy" Dec. 10 Dining Review by Alex Springer
Still need to try this place (Vegan Bowl in West Jordan).
@Heather Gardenia
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A+ on the headline, btw
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"She Was Herself," Tribute to Mary Brown Malouf, Dec. 10 Private Eye column
So beautifully said.
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Green Pig Pub avocado rolls in the Best of Utah Recipe Book
@ theshop.slc
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Ooohhhhh!! Yes!
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Man, that looks good.
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Such a fantastic book!
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Moochies Meatballs and More
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"Calling Mr. Cox" Nov. 25 Private Eye
I think John Saltas' criticism that I'm unwilling to do anything for the hospitality industry is wrong. On the contrary, if you come to my house in Fairview, I'll hand you a homemade cookie and a note that says, "I love you." #boldAction #StrongerTogether #utpol
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On Pallet Closing
And yet the state has millions of CARES Act money that is either spent by the end of the year or returned to the Feds.
Charles Prows
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The great Herbie is shutting down businesses, not the 'rona.
Michael Gattenby
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They should be paying everyone to stay home! Then this wouldn't be a problem.
Josh Jesse
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They didn't close because of the pandemic, they closed because of the response to the pandemic. Government overreach is killing businesses and people. Your paper never seems to make the distinction.
Amy Soberanis
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Time Out
When Time magazine placed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their cover as Persons of the Year, they insulted hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, other medical personnel and the many first responders who have been in the trenches caring for us during this terrible, devastating pandemic. Instead, they put on a person who spent almost the entirety of his campaign in his basement at home. And a VP candidate who could not engender sufficient public or fiscal support to even physically enter the formal campaign period. Whose condemnation of the new president during the pre-campaign selection was of a nature to exhibit true bile and hatred.

Time has once more displayed the full bias of the media today. Their total lack of ethics or journalistic concern for the truth and attention to facts. They are less a professional publication today than more the prostitute of the printed word.
James Oshust